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    MMS Compression

      I've had the Sensation 4G for a while with T-Mobile, and I've never had a problem with anything. The phone broke, and I had to get the Samsung Galaxy S II now. For some reason though, any time I sent a picture to someone, a message comes up saying that the file is too big, and it needs to be compressed. The person that receives my picture can't see anything, because the picture is really blurry and pixelated. When I receive pictures, it's perfectly fine though. My brother has the Samsung Galaxy S II for AT&T, and his works perfectly sending MMS.


      Why is the phone doing this? Is it T-Mobile? I don't know why they'd only do that to Samsung Galaxy S II, if other phones send pictures as big as this phone, and they don't get compressed.

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          It's apparently a known problem with the SGS II.  I am not sure if it's only the T989 or if it affects all SGS II models.


          You can see other people complain about it here:




          Apparently some people find other ROMs that have had the problem fixed, but I haven't investigated it, so I am not sure beyond that was is going on.


          You can also see people reporting it to T-Mobile that the problem is since the 2.3.6 update....

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            I guess it's only the t989 models, since my brother's SGSII for AT&T works normally. We tested it out yesterday. We both had the same settings and everything, and mine was still compressing.


            There's alot of people complaining about this... T-Mobile needs to do something about, wtf.

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              A good start would be to go into your camera settings and under file size you can actually make it MMS size - that will facilitate MMS picture message sending for starters.  Yes, there is compression for some reason but this helps get rid of the "file too big" errors, what's happening is that the camera is taking huge file size pictures and the Messaging app can't compress them well enough.  You could also try a third party messaging app like handcent as those tend to handle MMS better anyway...

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                Yeah, i just tried putting the lowest possible setting, and even either that, it still needed to compress.

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                  Try uploading the photos to your MobileLife Album, Snapfish, Flicker, Picasa or Facebook and then send a link to share the photo from any of those.  Be sure to check your security settings and be careful of what you post.  Hope these help as a work around not a full fledge fix.

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                    Or you can attach it to an email if you want to send the full size file, not really a fix but it works if you need full resolution.