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My phone keep synchronizing.

I have gone in and made sure that eveything is not check, I've taken the battery out like I was told. And it still keeps synchronizing. Is their anything else I could try. I having to charge my phone 2-3 times a day because of this. I have a motorola ZN5.

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    Also I had one of these phone that the screen got cracked and I was able to find another that had a few problem. So i took them to a cell phone repair place and they made 1 good phone out of the two phone. Could that have anything to due with my problem. Since this is when the problem started.

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    go to the android market place (google play now) and download the "Juice Defender" and just leave it on the standard settings. I now only have to charge the battery every couple of days with light use of the phone. Before Juice Defender, I was charging my phone about every 6 hours even if I had not used it at all.