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    TMobile only offering the HTC Radar for Mango

      I'm a little disappointed that TMobile won't be offering the HTC Titan Mango device.  The Radar is okay, but it is low end on the new WP7 devices coming out with Mango preinstalled.  I was hoping to buy a Windows Phone 7 device with a front facing camera, but the Radar was not the one I was interested in.


      Is there any chance that a higher end phone from another hardware manufacturer might be carried?

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          The HTC Radar 4G is loaded with awesome features such as:


               -4G speed

               -1 Ghz processor

               -5 MP rear camera and front facing camera for video chat


          Check it out Here! http://goo.gl/Dy34g

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            I already have the HD7 and would LOVE to upgrade to a newer WP7, but your selection is so limited that to change phones means a DOWNgrade for me   I'd love to see the Titan at TMo. 

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              i second that, would love to have a new windows mango phone, AT&T is coming out with the titan and the nokia 900 or whatever its called. T-mobile... nothing. only shipo versions.


              Get it together people, lets see a good windows mango phone.

              Android was cool for a while, but i'm getting really sick of it.

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                same here, love my HTC HD7 but want the Tian 2 or Nokia 900 this fall when my upgrade comes due...hope I don't have to awitch to ATT

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                  why in the world would one trade in a 4.3 inch phone for a 3.8 inch one. I have been with tmobile since its voicestream days (2000).... and never have considered moving to AT&T or Sprint untill now. Instead of pushing "entry level" devices listen to the consumer and give us what we would like, or atleast some time frame. This is the exact reason why I hate goint into tmobile stores, they have the dumbest reps in the cell phone business...

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                    How is a radar an upgrade?  Get better windows phones Tmobile.  I too have been with you since voice stream.  I did not want to switch but if you cant get a good phone why stay.  How long has the iphone been out and you could not even get it.  Whay a load .

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                      WoW, tmo_aaron_s  you are another sales rep that won't for some reason do there home work on mobile phones.  No the Radar is not an upgrade but not because of the screen size.  Which does play a part but It's because the radar has the same CPU as the HD7 just clocked lower which is why I always say HTC makes second hand phones.  Your not getting anything but a front facing camera OOOooo that's somethng huh?  This is why T-moblie needs the common sense to read the spec's for these phones instead of the dollar amount per-phone.

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                        I think you need to do your own research before calling anyone out.

                        While they are the same speed processor at 1GHz, it is a new model which performs better so isupgrade.

                        The radar has upgrades on both processor performance and graphics.

                        Also is 4g speed vs 3g of hd7, 14mbps down vs 7

                        Also better battery life in the radar and not to mention the front facing camera as you pointed out.



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                          People who use windows phone are kinda like blackberry users, they only like windows phones!! Hence, I am sure that the ones demanding a better phone know their phones... If you think that HTC Radar is an upgrade, then here are some facts...

                          1. battery life is a dependent variable.

                          2. if the processor is the same.... then the processor is the same!!!

                          3. played with the radar a little bit a few days ago.. dont see how the graphics are any different than the hd7...

                          4. 4g is better than 3g .. thats the only thing better  than hd7.

                          So just because it has 4g doesnt make it an upgrade... its like this... trading in an Audi for a VW with the same feature just better tires doesnot make that VW an audi. So while HTC radar and even Nokia lumia might be 4g, its still not comparable to hd7. Oh the biggest fact that makes your comment above a  little dubious... the HTC radar  has only 8GB. All in all... HTC radar was and is supposed to be a low end device, and enty level device.. the better one went to at&t. All articles said so and it really is a low end device .

                          SO back to the original... tmobile... we need better windows phones, and with at least 4.3" screens.

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                            Look at the specs genius it is a newer chip. Benchmarks done are better. Not allot but are better. Also 3d performance for games would be marginally better.

                            Also I didn't say everything was upgraded either did I.

                            Just wait I am sure there will be better ones for the 10% that want this platform.

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                              great... name calling.. the last resort of the uninformed..

                              i will try to keep this discussion as civil as possible, if you think that htc radar is an upgrade.... GOOD FOR YOU...

                              the rest of the people on this board know what a REAL upgrade is..

                              by the way, its clear you are a tmobile rep... they are good with promoting "benchmark" results in their favor.

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                                Its completely lame that t-mobile only offers two low end windows phones, look at what ATT offers...... and you can get a nokia 900 for dirt cheap too.



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                                  The problem is that what AT&T can offer with over 100 million customers and what TM can offer with 33 million are a lot different.


                                  Windows phones already represent a miniscule part of the general market (Comscore January 2012 says 4.4%) and the majority of TM customers haven't even graduated to smartphones (the last quarterly report said TM have 11 million smartphone users).


                                  It's clear that TM's analysis of its market persuades them that there is insufficient potential for a high end windows device.


                                  It may be arguable, based on the above stats and an average monthly churn rate of little over 4%, but with those numbers you might expect to see TM sell around 20,000 Windows phones a month. That's a mere 60-80,000 over the peak selling period of a device (its first 3-4 months from launch).


                                  With TM's demographic, there is no way that every one of those sales would be a top end device, if TM gave the choice, and if they only offered a single top end device then the market share would shrink below the national average, because people would then buy cheaper devices with other technologies.


                                  The bottom line would seem to be that top-shelf Windows phones struggle to feature in the market anywhere, but even more so with TM which has typically attracted budget-price customers whose tastes aren't that expensive.

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