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    My friend got an unlocked iPhone 4S that she's running on the T-Mobile network and she 's really ahppy about it. If only there was a way to get the device cheaper...

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    I don't think I could do it without having 4G speeds.  I like the iPhone 4S but I don't think I'd be as happy as I am with the SGS2 now that I've accustomed myself with android, I like it a lot more.

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    I agree, the SGII is a great device and should only get better with the ICS update. Love the larger screen also that the Iphone doesn't have, at least not yet.

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    I have the SGS2 and LOVE it.  I needed a larght screen and NOT a glass face, as I have many friends that have dropped theirs and now have shattered faces.  Consumer Reports came out w/ reports on "Cell Phones and Plans"  Check it out.  All I will say is, Very interesting!  I'll keep my SGS2.

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    Love my SGS2, easily a better phone than the tiny iPhone...I don't think the jury is still out...  That being said, I dropped my new SGS2 on Thanksgiving on my brothers tile floor (from my shoulder), and the screen shattered into a million pieces...  It was still on so I want to touch the screen to see if it was still working and cut my finger on the shattered glass.  These phones are built cheaply with cheap glass...this is not the iPhone's gorilla glass or so I believe...but either way, just don't drop it! 


    All that being said, I did have the Tmobile insurance and got the phone replaced right away (after the $150 deductible that no one cares to mention when you purchase the insurance, but whatever, I was glad to have this awesome phone back). 

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    For what it's worth, I left Sprint for T-Mobile, specifically because 1.) Signal strength in my area is atrocious 2.)  The customer service is among the worst I've ever experienced 3.)  you'll be nickel and dimed until your bill is higher than you expect, and 4.) because it doesn't matter what you are *told* or what your contract says is included in your unlimited plan, you will *still* be charged if you use things like SprintTV.


    Maybe I just got lucky, but my GS2 is spectacular.  It's wicked fast and the battery life far exceeds what I expected.

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    with regards to #4, with any provider, no matter what you are *told*, the contract is the final word.


    In fact, I can only think of ONE instance in my life where what was told was ever outweighed by written documentation.  And it was a promise of a company that my cost per month over X years wouldn't be more than $70.  My credit would have been a higher interest rate, so they reduced the price of my purchase to accomodate this promised monthly payment.


    But, I'm glad you're happy with your decision to switch to T-Mobile!  Here's hoping the grass is greener [it definitely has been for me switching from Sprint all those years ago]

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    smplyunprdctble:  The agreement (and the details of the rate plan posted online @ the time) both said that particular service was included.  You should have heard the absurd lengths customer service went to trying to convince me I was *supposed* to be billed for SprintTV.  ::smh::


    I'll *never* go back to Sprint.

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    I guess that's a reason to keep documentation


    Sounds like a fair reason for a breakup.


    My philosophy is if you feel like you're not treated fairly, go!  See if the grass is greener somewhere else.


    (of course, the other side of the coin is if you feel you're not treated fairly, but it is fair.... but, still go! teehee)

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    The following document provides detailed specs and features of the Samsung Galaxy S II http://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-2640. You will have to refer to the other carriers in order to get information on the details of their devices.

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    Thanks for the info about the SGS2 face.  I have never heard of anyones breaking so I had no idea, but thanks for the warning.  And sorry about yours.  I still really love mine and glad I went w/ it instead of the iphone.  Consumer reports also cane out w/ their reviews and believe it or not, the SGS2 came out on top of many of the carriers and just glancing at it iphone was #4 on one.  Love it!!!  Have a good day!

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    how do ppl use iphones for tmobile?

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    jebeans wrote:


    how do ppl use iphones for tmobile?

    They get them unlocked and use the T-Mobile guide to set up the APN:  http://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-2383

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    You have to jailbreak the iPhone and then it's as easy as putting your T-Mobile SIM in and booting up.  You're not going to get 3G/4G as the bandwidth frequencies are not compatible yet...

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    Where did you get the idea or notion that the iPhone had Gorilla glass?

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