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    Memory Full Issue

      My niece is having issues with her Amaze 4G.  The application memory is full (the 2Gb partition) is full, but after reviewing the list of apps in Manage Applications, there isn't 2 Gb's worth.  All apps have the Move to SD button grayed out.  I am unsure how to move items over to the other internal partition (10Gb).  Please advise, and thank you.

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          Any ideas?

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            Do you have an SD card you could use?

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              The phone has a SD card which is brand new and empty.  The phone's internal data memory partition (10 gb) is also empty.  I can't seem to make the phone use anything other than the phone memory partition (2gb).  And I can't get ES File Explorer to see the small partition either

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                I would think that moving files between partitions would be next to impossible without administrative privilages. Have to root for that.


                My best suggestion would be to throw the SD card in and move as many apps onto that as you can. 

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                  My thought too...put a 32 Gb card in and installed Apps2SD.  Put it only had me move 4 apps over, each of which was less than 1mb.  So that path didn't get me very far...


                  Any other ideas??

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                    I went in to my phone and I have the move to sd card option on all of the apps I downloaded. I am just using settings too. I didn't download an app to do that.


                    You can try the make more space option in the storage section in settings. That might be able to tell you something.


                    I just ran this on my phone and it suggested all the games I downloaded, Gin Rummy, Solitare, Cribbage, ect that are 3,4 and 5 mb a piece.

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                      Hi bolomite,

                           All apps cannot be moved to the SD card, some 3rd party apps found in the Google Play Store will give you that function. Take a look at Manage memory on Android, this will show you other ways to free up space on the phone.

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                        Wow, That is one full phone.  There must be more than applications on there.  Connect it to a computer and see if you can mount the phone and get to that part of the phones memory.  I've never connected my phone to my computer, so I can't tell you if you can, but my first step would be cleaning that out.  I would think the phone might even run better if you free up that space.


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                          I have connected the phone to a PC, but only the SD card and the large memory partition were mounted.  So I wasn't able to see anything useful.  The list of apps in Manage Applications doesn't appear to support the fact that the 2gb partition is full.


                          Any other ideas?

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                            How many and what apps are installed?  Ask your niece which ones she can remove.  I wonder if they are using that much data for saved games/files or whatever?


                            Just looked at my phone and I have 1.8 GB used.  A lot more than I would have thought...


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                              I had her look at the Downloaded section of the list and the apps over 1MB in size are Facebook, Market, Lookout, Gmail, Youtube, T-Mobile Mall, My Account, Visual Voicemail, More for Me, Google Search and Twitter.  Facebook shows at 31.83MB, and the others scale down from there.

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                                I have the same issue.  My internal memory seems to be so full that I can't even update any of my apps.  Each time I try to either downloand a new app or update a current one, I get an "insufficient storage available" message.  Currently, I have 4.0GB available on my SD card, 9.16GB available in my Phone Storage but only 145 MB of 2.3GB in internal storage.  I have no Apps that can be moved to the SD left on the phone.  I have 19 "phone only" apps including, Facebook, Adobe Flash, Maps, Gmail, Google Play Store, Google Music, Adobe Reader, T-Mo TV, Visual Voicemail, Lookout, YouTube, Wtach, Dictionary, T-Mobiel Mall, My Account, Google Search, More for Me and Wizard Memo.  I erased my call history, deleted most of my sms/mms and still, it hasn't freed up any space.  This is pretty ridiculous for a $260 phone.