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Amaze Problems/Bugs anyone else have them?...

Wanted to try and help out in figuring out what the deal is with this phone, has so much potential but needs some Software tweaking on HTC's Part. I have two. This was also posted on the HTC Support Community and I received no helpful responses from the company.



1.) Wifi still seems to have issues with speed and freezing across both devices, maxes out at ~26 Mbps once in a while averages ~10 Mbps. (Note: Using Best Wi-Fi Performance & 60 Mbps Wifi Connection)


2.) Phone has to be restarted twice to get the phone to catch a Cell Signal when phone is off after battery dies. This happens both on charger or battery even when powering off the device with battery left. This is consistent on both Amazes. Airplane mode cycles don't fix the problem anymore.


3.) Amaze Shows connected to Wifi Calling and Shows Ready, but when you make a call it immediately disconnects, Can't send SMS, or MMS too when this happens. Impossible to know when it is working or not.  Have to usually restart the phone twice as noted above. Also, get REG99 Error when trying to send a MMS with picture and have to restart it twice to get it to work.


4.) Very poor Wi-Fi signal reception even without a cover on the phone. When Connected to the 5ghz N band complete loss of signal occurs when I am approx 10 ft away from the router through a non-insulated 2x4 sheetrock wall.


5.) Phone Automatically uses 4g Data even when mobile networks check box is unchecked. Noticed twice when using Wi-Fi and phone reported a low signal over Wi-Fi.


6.) Wireless device control has a major problem with WiFi, 4g, Cell, and Bluetooth. They do not respond properly through the settings menu. For Instance when in airplane mode, Cell Signal activates after a half hour, and 4g randomly turns on and off, will have to check bill to see if anything was used.


***UPDATE (2/29/12): The Amaze DOES use Packet data when it is turned off via Wireless & Networks > Mobile Networks Check Box, and you can't seem to turn it off used 2-3 MB of data when OFF. Does not correct even when restarting or resetting and has been doing this out of the box.***


7.) Bluetooth does not send or receive files, tried sending from Samsung Galaxy S2 to Amaze and Amaze would acknowledge the request and did nothing, Samsung would report file send failed. Samsung works fine with Laptop, PC, and other phones)


8.) When Saving a New Contact using dialer, the new contact does not show up in contacts but does in dialer contacts list ( above list when dialing numbers) even after restart.


9.) Battery life on the new Amazes are Far Worse then the original Amaze I had. Noticed that both phones running stock software get hot right beneath the Speakerphone / Camera area. Siting Idle in 4 hours one phone with a hot back is at 48% Battery!!! The other I was using moderately to heavy is at 50% in the same time frame.


10.) When I turn the phone off at night to save battery, at around 35% in the morning when I try to turn it on again it is dead. Also, noticed when the phone is fully charged and I turn it off for the night in the morning battery timer in settings about counts the time that it was off instead of when it was actually on. Seems to me that the phone does not turn off when you power it of, it instead goes into a sleeping standby mode. Also when off instead of calls going strait to voicemail they ring for an extended period of time before going to voicemail.


11.) Internal Storage Space is supposed to be 16GB, Phone shows 9.75 GB and 2.3 GB of internal Storage Space.

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    Hey telvik!


    I'm sorry you're having problems with your device. I have some information and a few troubleshooting steps that may be able to help some of these issues.


    1) You most likely won't get your full 60 Mbps internet connection speed on your Amaze. The device is much less powerful than something like a computer so you won't experience the same speeds.


    2) Have you completed any TS steps to resolve the situation? Like trying a manual network selection or a master reset?


    3) You can get more information about that error and troubleshooting steps in Error: “REG99: Unable to Connect”- Wi-Fi Calling.


    4) There were some issues with Wi-Fi connectivity that were resolved with the latest software update. What software are you running on your device? Also, since the device is much less powerful than a computer, the Wi-Fi range will not be as large.


    5 - 9) There are a few troubleshooting steps we'd recommend trying. You should definitely update to the latest software. I'd also recommend completing a master reset and testing without any 3rd party programs installed on the device.


    10) The device is setup to use Fast Boot and place your phone in a hibernation state. Here is how you can disable that.


    1. From any Home screen, tap the Menu key.
    2. Tap Settings.
    3. Scroll to and tap Power.
    4. Tap Fast boot to clear(turn off) the check box.


    11) In addition to the memory sections listed, there is another section of memory where the Android operating system and Sense is stored.


    Hope this helps!


      - Ian

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    Hey Ian, Thank You for Responding. No, I still have not resolved these issues with the Amazes. I have tried a Master Reset as per http://support.t-mobile.com/docs/DOC-2695 but that did not help at all. Currently, Both Amazes are Out of Box Stock Firmware with only a Speed Test App installed after Master Reset and Both Have Android 2.3.4 software build 1.43.531.3 out of the box. I received them late February.


    I did manage to Find a Solution for 8.) it turns out that when you save a new contact that the phone defaults to Google Contacts. Strangely my phone contacts do not display Google Contacts by default which is the reason why the contacts don’t show up in the contacts list but do in the dialer.


    One Problem is that when the contact is created as a Google Contact I can’t seem to find a way to turn it back into a phone contact.


    One Major Problem for me is that the Amaze does not let me Save/Export my contacts to Sim, nor does it allow me to import contacts from Sim. All I can do is import and export to SD Card.


    And for 10.) Fast Boot is kind of deceptive but it looks to have been the reason for the hybrid power state. I disabled it and that should take care of the double restart problem. Will Know Tomorrow.


    As for my Speed Issues I also Have Two Samsung Galaxy S 2s for the other lines on my account and they average consistently 43 Mbps over Wifi the Amaze has yet to pass the one time I got 26 Mbps. It averages 10 Mbps. The Router is within line of site distance of 10 ft from the phone both with and without a D3O Case on Both Types of Phones.


    It seems to me that all of the problems that I am experiencing are due to a possible buggy factory installation of the Stock ROM. Is there any way that I could wipe the device and reinstall a fresh Factory ROM from T-Mobile? This phone has great potential if HTC would fix their buggy stock ROMs.


    Also, Any Idea when the roll out is supposed to occur for Android 4.0 ICS on the Amaze?




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    Number 3 is really becoming a problem for me as I am mostly on Wifi Calling. Not so much the REG99 Error then the False connected Status. I end up receiving many Voicemail when I am actually connected sometimes 2-3 hours later. And Google Play Kept giving me errors all day when trying to update Google Maps and Flash Player. I had to uninstall Google Play for the Updates to install. Seems like a Very Buggy Stock ROM.

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    Greetings, I'm just another Amaze user much like yourself but this is what I've noticed/learned since owning the Amaze:


    1. As others have mentioned, "fast boot" makes phone not actually turn off.


    2. I have a fairly good signal at my house so when I pull the phone from the charger and set it on my night stand for the night, (phone is still on, screen is turned off) I have %95 battery in the morning. Check out the "power saver" settings.


    3. As with any cell phone, if its having difficulty making a connection with the cell network the PHONE is going to get warm/hot while attempting to comunicate as well as the BATTERY will get warm/hot with the high current draw from the phone. If your phone is just sitting there and not plugged into a charger and its getting warm, it must be attempting to "sync data" or some such - disabling all time data/auto sync ought to fix this. The phone will then do the syncing when you wake up/unlock the screen.


    4. While there physically is a 'dual core processor' in the phone, it is rumored that the current firmware only supports ONE CORE. Even with 1 core my amaze is only able to get 15/15 (top speed) over my 5Ghz N connection feed with a 25/25 Fios. Check another wireless device on your home LAN. Many less expensive routers can only sustain < 7-10 Mbit of data throughput - a good possibility (outside of Wifi interference from other devices) for low numbers.


    I'll almost hate to see how long the battery lasts if our ICS update includes dual core support - when in use the battery life is fairly bad as it is, enabling the other core could only make it worse.


    I only have a few gripes about the phone/T-Mobile:

    1. I wish I could disable the camera buttons - have no use for them

    2. The phone has "crashed" or randomly rebooted a 1/2 dozen times

    3. A few times I've been places with 'full T-Mobile signal' and no better than 2G data speeds!!

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    I've noticed at work that I regularly only connect to T-Mobile at 2G.


    My wife stopped by for lunch today, and I asked to see her phone. We upgraded her to a brand new Samsung Blaze 4G.


    Amazingly enough, her phone had four bars of 4G signal. Mine, sitting next to hers, was getting three bars of 2G.


    I'm starting to think the Amaze's radios have a big problem, wi-fi included.