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    updating apps need help please!


      I am trying to update my apps on my phone and it wont let me it just keeps giving me an error that says (app cannont be updated error code 409) please can anyone help me figure this out I have several apps that I would really love to update. it is even giving me this same error for apps that are factory installed on my Samsung galaxy s 4g. I tried earasing all capche and that did not work any other suggestion on how to fix this problem are greatly appreciated thank you. I sometimes also get the message saying the app update is proccesing please wait but it never works! I know it should be as simple as going to the android market and pressing the update button and it should update but mine is not working like it should

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          Im having the same issue but my error code is 941 and it just starting happening after I updated to 2.3.6

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            Thats when my issue started maybe its a problem with the update to gingerbread

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              Its kind of a pain but I figured out if you log into the google play from a computer you can,update no problem from their just doesnt,work from my phone so thats how I been updating,my,apps

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                Hello! There would be two things you can do to try and remedy this


                1. uninstall the update for the market/play store then it will update again and reinstall the application


                2. If the first is unsuccessful and you did indeed start having the problem after a software update I would try clearing the cache on the device and if that doesn't work a master reset here are the links to those




                Please let me know if any of those steps help

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                  ok im not trying to sound like a total b*tch here but why is clearing the cache and master reset always the answer for every problem we ever have I bet you guys really have no idea how to help us with these issues and further more anyone that knows anything about cells phones will always try these steps before asking for help sorry to sound so mean but im a little frustrated with t-mobile and the T-Force you people can never help with a problem we have every single one of you always say the same thing im starting to wonder if you people are even real or just bots. and lately the problems with these cell phones has just been getting worse and worse maybe after 12 years of being a loyal costumer its time for me to move on and find a cell company that will help me when I have a problem

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                    I can understand where you are coming from and that it always seems like that is the answer however that's why I recommended uninstalling the updates for that application first then the cache and finally the reset, I myself am an android user (HTC Amaze) and hate doing resets just as much as the next person but honestly I recommend them, as well as preform them myself, after every software update even if you aren't having issues to ensure that everything on the device is compatible with the new version.  Also because you both reported that the issue occured after the update that is an indication that the update may not have installed properly as well.  I apologize that I do not have another solution for the current issue you are experiencing.



                    Kudos to you for finding that going via a PC will work

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                      i appolagize for being so mean I understand its not your fault and you are trying to help us i have never tried the reset thing the way you just said to I will give that a try and see what hppens but this seems to be and issue with the google play app. after I got forst to switch from market to google play I been having these problems and so have a lot of other people so I will try your way of the reset and if that doesnt work guess I just have to wait and see it google fixes the problem thank you for tring to help me again im sorry for kind yelling at you when its not your fault

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                        No hard feelings at all , I totally understand and if the issue started occurring after the market updated to the play store then uninstalling the update and reinstalling would be my best solution and should work, I also realized that I didn't post the steps for doing that an although you probably know what I'm talking about here are the steps for anyone else who may need to do the same



                        From the home screen

                        Press menu

                        tap settings

                        tap applications

                        tap manage applications

                        tap the all or preinstalled tab

                        tap Google Play Store

                        tap uninstall updates and follow the prompts

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                          thank you so much finally someone helped me this seems to have worked but I will wait and see if there is any issues in a few days thanks again for your help

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                            also almost emidiatly after doing this all my updates worked with no problems every single one of them started automaticaly updating and work with no issues

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                              That is AWESOME! and you are very welcome, thanks for testing that if the two of you have this issue I'm sure there are others and if you need anything in the future feel free to post or private message me .

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                                Glad to hear that worked for you.  I have problems with my apps not updating as well from time to time.  And what I do to fix it is go into the setting , aplications, google play and force stop it.  Wait a minute and go back into google play and all apps that needed to be updated start updating.