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htc amaze - so sick of the phone - my thoughts

To Whom It May Concern:


I have been with T-Mobile since December 2011.  I have HTC Amaze 4G which I have been having issues since the day I got it.  I purchased the phone (as advertised) for taking “great” pictures and videos.  The phone quality is so bad that the flash light leaks into the camera sensor and while taking a picture it leaves a white spot on EVERY single picture. I went through the entire Technical Support process for about a month before they decided to send me a new phone. I received another (new) HTC Amaze 4g and the same problem persisted.  I have been reading up on forums regarding the issue and many other people seem to have the same problem.  The bottom line is it cannot be fixed, it’s a hardware issue.


I have contacted t-mobile’s customer service today and spoke with a manager that insisted on going through the same process that I have already done.  The manager’s name is Jennifer, badge number: 1271383.  What makes me upset that apparently customer service does not give two sh*** about the customer.  I WILL leave t-mobile because I cannot use my phone for the intended purpose.  So, I was told by the manager that “go ahead and leave”, those are the exact words. Excellent service!


I DO NOT want this phone or the same brand (HTC Amaze 4G).  I want to exchange it for another brand that actually does the job and WORKS! However, apparently it is not possible with T-Mobile to accomplish this and it is easier just to lose the customer. Well, I will write down my thoughts on various forums.


Good day!

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    Hey  Mgstom, I am sorry to hear that you are having this problem with your HTC Amaze. I have two and have a variety of issues but not this one with the flash leaking into the photo. Do you have any samples that you could post up to give me and others a better idea what you are talking about? I am just a user like you and since I myself am trying to resolve my issues I thought why not try and help other Amaze Users on the forum if I can. I also have 2 Samsung Galaxy S2s on my contract which you may want to inquire about switching up too if you have really had it with this phone. I can tell you anything you want to know about that phone as well.


    I am from the IT / Engineering Fields so fixing things is really second nature to me.


    Hope I could help you out!


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    I actually considered sgs2 and should have gone with Samsung.  I'll be happy to post pics when I get home.  I'm referring to the following forums.  I have the exact same issue.  So, I did the "fix" with an electrical tape (second link) and it helped a little but still the pictures look washed out at the bottom.






    It's ridiculous in the first place to do such a thing just to take pictures.

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    That should not happen on all your pictures. During the day should not have the flash going. Mine takes great pictures during the day and a little bleed indoors with light on.

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    Yes, you are correct. It happens in low light when flash is required. Most of my pics are in low light.

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    The Samsung Galaxy S2 is actually a very solid phone stability wise, I did have a hardware issue right out of the box with the earpiece speaker distorting but other then that its really a flawless phone. The User Interface is not as elaborate as the Amaze but that is minor. Also, Sound Quality of the Amaze for calls, Speakerphone, and Headphones is far superior to the Galaxy S2 or any phone I have tested, but to be fair the Galaxy S2 has the best calls, Speakerphone, and Headphone quality I could find vs any other phone that I have tried which are close to a dozen. The IPhone and IPod have terrible sound quality based on first hand experience.


    I see that you are referring to two separate problems. I am well aware of the screen bleed issue that the Amaze has due to the LEDs on the bottom of the digitizer. I have actually tried to find a fix for this but its a design flaw of the digitizer that can't be fixed without redesigning the digitizer to have a separation from the LCD glass and the glass underneath the Navigation Buttons, I describle it here: i'm {S~L~K}: http://community.htc.com/na/htc-forums/android/f/164/t/14526.aspx

    The Best Fix I found for this is the Screen Filter Widget.


    As for the LED Flash Problem I ended up giving one of my Amazes a try in pitch black sky I do have a very slight white glow on the LED flash side of the picture on the screen, and the Screen bleed from the navigation button adds to the problem. But mine is not even close to the one on the second link you posted. Going to take the back cover off the phone in the morning and look to see what I find. I'll also post up my pictures too.


    As a side note I also tried the Galaxy S2 right after trying the Amaze in the same situation and it has absolutely no screen bleed from the navigation buttons or the LED flash.