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    LG Optimus T 3G Not Working?

      Starting this morning, the 3G data connection on my LG Optimus T no longer works. I've spoken to a T-Mobile rep on the phone, and scoured the internet. I've checked my network settings, and from what I've seen/heard, everything is set correctly.


      When I go into my network settings and check "Use only 2G networks", everything works fine (but at 2G speeds which isn't very fast). If I go back and un-check "Use only 2G networks", after a few seconds the 3G icon pops up next to my signal icon, but my internet no longer works, Facebook doesn't work and will time out.... nothing that requires a data connection works.


      Like I said, this just started this morning. I tried uninstalling a new app I downloaded last night to no avail, and have tried powering off/removing the battery several times today. Does anyone have a pointer!?! Please help!!!