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    Poor 4G performance - Galaxy S2


      I'm not sure if it's just the area I'm in, but the 4g service so far with T-Mobile has been horrible.  I have friends with AT&T and Verizon where I work that watch Netflix on their lunch.  Although I don't stream like that, I know that watching Netflix here (or at home) would be a pipe dream, because the 4g service I get is just bad.  My download speeds, after having done a factory reset, is .22Mbps (yeah .22 !!) and the upload .06 Mbps.  I called customer service and after getting through the moronic first tier person, got someone who spoke like he knew what was up.  He said he would send a tech to look at the tower but still the problem persists. There are occasional spots where the service is good, but thats not the norm.  It's not like I live in a rural area (Dallas/Fort Worth - Irving most of the time).  I'm appaled that I have to pay $30 a month for this bad data service.  A person at the store said it might be an app so that's why I did the factory reset now, and still bad.


      Also, in regards to the S2, the wifi attenna on this thing is awful too.  I have a Linksys router with custom firmware that is amplifying my signal.  My Ipad and Ipod both get a decent signal in my bedroom (about 50 - 60 feet from the router at most).  I'm only able to keep a decent wifi signal about 60% of the time with this phone.  Even when I'm very close (about 10-20 feet) I only get 2 bars on the wifi signal.


      So far, I am less than impressed with T-Mobile and the S-2.  If I can't get a decent 4g signal or a consistent wifi signal in my house, I'm no better off hardly than just using my ipod.  Considering my friends, and their service, get serviceable 4g connections around here, it most certainly has to be the T-Mobile network.  I almost want to opt of the contract, but I know they wouldn't let me, even though they can't follow through on their end of the deal most of the time.

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          How did you determine your 4G speed?  Is it intermitten and only in your house or everywhere you go?  I highly recommend that you download Speedtest.net and do test in various parts of the city to see if it's local to your house or everywhere.  This will help everyone including you to make a determination as to if it's the phone or your specific area.


          P.S.  If you determine it's everywhere you may have a defective device and Customer Service can help, but you'll need a 2nd party with the same  or similar phone to see if they're having similar problems in your general location.

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            I've actually use the Speedtest app to get my speeds.  What's frustrating is there are pockets of the city where the speed is acceptable (about 6Mbps, but never much higher than that) but most of the time I get less than 1 Mbps.  Especially in the north part of Irving here which is a business class area all along a stretch of a major highway its poor to non existant.  Tmobile days they have data coverage in the area but they could have fooled me.  I actually bought the same device for my mother, but she doesn't really get over to where I work often.  Guess I may have her over for lunch one day here soon lol.


            I wonder if the airport (DFW Airport) is cauing issues as I'm on the north border where I work, but then again my Verizon/AT&T friends networks are just acceptable.  I guess if I had to be a little more generous I only have good service 50% of the time for data.  The store swapped my SIM card out but it doesn't seem to really be much, if at all, better though.  We live really close to a major highway so you would figure the signal at home would be good, but no.  It just baffles me how a major carrier can have bad service in such an urban area.

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              Not making excuses for T-Mobile but they are the 4th largest carrier in the US.  4th, so in larger urban areas they may not have as large of a foot hold as say the other big 3.

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                I'm in kansas city and i have the same issues. I had no issues with my blackberry curve, but with the g2x and now the s2 my data does that as well. One minute i'll have full 4g while reading twitter and the next ill have nothing for a while. I'm not being throtteled (I only use about 3.5 gigs a month). I've run several speed tests, but very often they can't be completed because of "connectivity issues". What speeds should i be getting?

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                  Dear Ravx25

                  I am using T mobile 4G Galaxy S2 (T989) with 2 GB data plan. I have same problem as you described exatly . I am living Mobile AL and tested many plşaces even in front of big malls which I get 5 bar signal strenght. Generally low than 0.5 Mbbs and oftenly saying 'network cummunication issues' . I went to T mobile store and made factory installed programs but nothing is  changed. The Werizon and AT&T network are acceptable and more better than T mobile.

                  I want to solve this problem if I get solution from T mobile service.

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                    Number of bars is the first thing that involves speed.  If you have 1-2 bars, you're going to have slower speed than if you have 3-4 bars.  DFW should have decent bar coverage, but once you get inside buildings and things [I hear y'all have lots of insulation thanks to the heat], that may affect your performance some.


                    Next is the population density of T-Mobile service.  I work within a 2-block radius of a LOT of tourist traps here in downtown Atlanta.  I mean, we have World of Coke, Georgia Aquarium, Centennial Olympic Park, CNN Center, Philips Arena, Georgia World Congress Center --- not to mention all the office buildings and general population.  When we have a LOT of people in town [conferences at the GWCC generally], the bars are still there, but data starts to trickle.  Once, I was at a Braves game and it SAID 4 bars, but I couldn't do anything with my phone due to the density of devices.  The spectrum gets overwhelmed.


                    The other thing to consider is "are you in a strong 4G area?" -- I'd like to THINK DFW is an excellent 4G covered area [I'd kinda like to think the same thing in mutilap's situation as well], but it's not always the case.  I live in a suburb, and there are areas that aren't 4G yet [heck, I think I may have seen a couple IN Atlanta that haven't gotten 4G yet].  If you're on one of those 4G cusps, then you may have coverage problems.



                    In all, I'm not saying it's right.  I would LOVE to be able to say there's a "quick fix".  But, unless you can hold two T-Mobile phones side-by-side and get excellent data speeds on one and poor data speeds on yours, there's not much that can be done but hound T-Mobile to do upgrades to your area.  And, there may or may not be available spectrum to do said upgrades [think lanes of traffic with rush hour -- an additional lane WOULD be nice, but is there room to create it?].  Now, if you can SHOW it's your device [by doing a side-by-side comparison], then T-Mobile should replace it.

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                      I appreciate the civil answer smpy.  I'm really starting to think it may be population density.  Here about a month a half a go, Tmobile had a free phone weekend. The store I went into around the corner to sign up was jammed packed so much they had an hour wait just to talk to someone.  Also, I read a few articles that might allude to Doppler affecting signals around where I work.  In Las Colinas (North Irving) we have a major Doppler radar that the major networks use to get weather from.  Also, DFW airport has their own doppler radar.  I've heard from some HAM radio operators that doppler tends to bend radio signals in other spectrums.  This may atrribute why my data signal is non existant to flat horrible sometimes.  Still the population thing gets me, because people in NY say they get good signals and DFW doesn't have more people than NY.

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                        Doppler?  I haven't heard that one, but it is interesting.


                        I'd imagine you'd have to be pretty close.


                        Wait.  I barelly get signal [voice & 4G] when I'm at my chiropractor's house.  She's a few blocks away from some Doppler station [I don't know who owns it because the NWS Doppler is in Peachtree City -- south side, not north side where I am].  But, if Doppler is a reason, that would explain it.  I always attributed her living on some coverage edge for T-Mobile as every other provider works in her house.


                        Wonder why Doppler would affect signal.   Shouldn't it be far enough out of other company's signals to not affect?  *shrug*

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                          I know that Tmobile has the crappy side of the spectrum compared to the other 3 major carriers.  The only good spectrum they might have now is the portion they won from AT&T.  I'm not saying Doppler is the reason, but it's certainly an interesting theory and bodes well for my case, simply because my bards bounce from 3 to none all day.  80% of the time I don't have 4g either where I work.

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                            i have same problem too with my S2


                            my wife cheap LG 3G phone work better than my S2 4G


                            most of time , usually indoor

                            NO data connection, even 4 bar full

                            my wife next to me she can check email, browse web site