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    Issues since update

      I recently went to the store and got the most recent update to 2.3.6 and all I have had are issues. Not only does my phone go crazy once I plug it up to the wall charger (the original one that came in the box) but it powers off every other day, as well as now on Google Play none of my apps will update. I keep getting either error code 941 or some other error code. Its crazy because I have 17 apps that need to be updated. Someone please tell me should I take this phone back? I got it in February of this year.

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          Call customer care or the store you took it to.  They should be able to tell you what to do with the phone.  Have you tried a hard reset?

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            A factory reset will likely be needed. Updating the whole OS while keeping data intact is a very complicated thing to do and sometimes it goes wrong. A factory reset won't get rid of the update, but will allow it to start clean. Unfortunately, you'll lose all your data. Backup what you can (contacts, texts, etc). Your SD card (if you have one) won't be affected.

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              There's been something weird going on with Google Play today.

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                Yeah mine has been messing up on two phones since last night.


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                  OH BABY YOU HAVE NO IDEA!  There is nothing wrong with your phone....it's GOOGLE'S fault!  That error 941? Get used to it because you will see it regularly.   I've spent hours on the phone with google trying to fix error 430 (an app you purchased at Google Play won't download because you once had it on your phone and you downloaded it from another, perfectly legal, site. Although, you have uninstalled the app and purchased it from Google Play for money; Google still has it recorded as from another site, but don't worry they still take your money!). The phone techs can't even find error code 941 (though it's a Google Play favorite... I speak from experience!)  All my issues were bounced up to the resident gurus so I'm awaiting their audience.....   


                  They did admit there are a lot of people complaining on the phone, on line, everywhere.....


                  If they tell you to uninstall Google Play, then reinstall it by tapping on the market app (which is suppose to cause Google Play to automaticly download and install) expect craziness to ensue: Auto-restarts, errors ad infinitum, Oh...and in my case, warnings to call Tmobile to update my sim card (which was perfectly fine!).

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                    Try clearing cache and data for Google Play (under Manage Applications).

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                      Like I said...doesn't help!

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                        I've been having several issues since the update allowing wifi calling... the latest one that no one can fix is that no matter who i send messages to, the only phone that can receive a video message is another galaxy S II... 9 out of 10 phones only get a black screen... Try it and let me know what your findings are... then call tech support and let them know...