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    Android 2.3.6 eMail Error

      This afternoon, my SGS2 began getting an ongoing error message telling me that the email app encountered an unknown error, and needed to close. It provided an option to force close the app.


      This error continues to happen, and it has continued very time that email attempts to sync, for over 7 hours.


      No changes were made to my systems, email accounts, OS, or other apps today.


      I am running Android 2.3.6. Internet browsing works fine. Other apps work fine. Just the email issue.


      Any ideas on cause, and more importantly, on correcting this?

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          Cause..not so sure...maybe too much mail?


          Fix...Clear data on the mail app.  Settings-Apps-Manage Apps-All Tab-Email-Clear Data.

          Then just sign in again with your email/password. 

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            also reboot the phone.  and/or use a different email app (k-9 mail or touchdown).

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              Well...this problem went away. Before this post, I rebooted, and then did a reboot with battery removal. Neither of these had any effect. I spoke to TM customer service, but the person I spoke with really had no idea. She passed my issue along for additional research, and I never heard anything back from that. The phone began to receive email again about an hour after the service call and reboots.


              I did not take any action with my email service providers, or with my accounts on the phone.


              I do not know the cause, and now not the solution, but it works flawlessly again.


              Thanks for the responses.