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        The best route is coming from CM7.

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          CM7 does some essential things,including reformatting the SD card to support the external SD card. Not a good idea to skip.

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            so doing this: http://www.theandroidsoul.com/android-4-0-aokp-rom-for-samsung-vibrant-ics-euphoria-rc1/ was a bad idea? alright well thank you guys, i guess i will flash back to froyo then cm7 and then ics and see if that works.  Oh and i know that link is for the ics euphoria release, but i tried both that and the ics passion v13 and neither worked.

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              I'm surprised that advice doesn't offer variations depending on where you are coming from. Check out the Passion v13 rc1 thread over at XDA.

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                Odin back to stock(2.1) before you flash ICS is the best way to get a clean install with no hick-ups... Flashing from Froyo will install ICS on your phone but problems always occur later down the line

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                  Does the ICS install handle file system conversion? If not, I still think going via CM7 will be the better option.

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                    Cm7 does the reformat and repartition of file system. That's why you shouldn't skip it.  Best bet is to Odin back to 2.1 (JFD), flash Clockwork Recovery, CM7, Passion 13, and finally Kiss 2.2 kernel.  I also did some mods to build.prop to get GPS working better.  Used build.prop editor to make changes (available on Market). You can find details in Vibrant General forum on XDA-developers site.

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                      Sorry, I missed this response. Thanks for confirming my suspicions.


                      Actually, I wish I'd read your message yesterday because I just did a restore back to CM7 after having lots of problems with Passion 13 (and the clean-up patch). It was getting progressively worse after having updated from Passion 12.


                      While I still firmly believe that most of the lag and freeze problems with the original Vibrant build were file system related, I haven't run a single ROM (Froyo, Gingerbread or ICS) which hasn't eventually started throwing up performance problems.


                      These gets cleared out normally by doing a cache wipe and also by wiping Dalvik cache, but there is still something not quite right about this device...or maybe it just happens with all Android devices, if you pound on them, figuratively speaking...

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                        Tried ICS Passion 13 for a couple weeks and decided to go back to a 2.2 ROM.  I tried every GPS trick and multiple Kernels but couldn't get a relieable GPS connection to work without rebooting the phone.  My battery life went down to about 6 hours even trying most of the battery tricks posted on XDA developers.  After all was done, I like many of the new features of ICS (menu system, default apps, etc), but more than the gee wiz features, I needed a phone I could use all day without plugging in.


                        I ended up using a bionix based rom.  It is wicked fast compared to Passion ICS, GPS is rock solid, and I can go all day without plugging in.  It may be old technology, but it works.

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                          NEW News: The T-Mobile MyAccount apps now work on ICS.


                          I have been running Euphoria and was running Passion before that. It is a very much improved experience over Froyo. I think my phone is as stable and reliable as it was with stock. My GPS is WAY better than stock, sometimes as good as 6m accuracy.


                          I used to use Wifi Calling very rarely, but it was helpful when needed. I don't know if we should expect that to be on the ICS ROMS. I am holding out hope that once TMO has an ICS handset with Wifi Calling, someone will figure out how to extract it and port to the Vibrant on ICS.


                          I also recommend going back to stock Eclair->CWM->CM7->Euphoria/Passion. If you go Passion, upgrade your kernel to Kiss 5.1.

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                            Yeah but the odds of T-Mob doing this is slim to none, and face unlock is useless because the vibrant doesn't have a front facing camera. Although I'm sure this value pack will make an appearance at a XDA developers forum near you.

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                              Just to join in on the convo,


                              If you all like the passion ICS, I would recomend Slim ICS rom. It doesn't need the extra flashing for things like accessing the ext-sd card. I also had problems with keeping my data signal and the volume being overblown on passion. So far I haven't seen either with Slim ICS.


                              A heads up if you do try out Slim, the KB5 modem doesn't seem to work with it so just snag another from XDA. (I'm using KB1 with no problems) This one looks like it could be a daily driver so far. The dev did change one odd thing in that the screen resolution was reduced to 182dpi instead of the 240dpi we are all used to seeing. Nice thing though is that if you don't like the 182dpi, I do, you have the option of changing it in the system settings.


                              Happy Flashing!

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                                I have Bionix V NextGen V2 and I'm sticking with it.  My ICS experience will come in the form of a new phone.  I really don't have the time to download another custom ROM and goof around with it tweaking this and that to get it to do at least what the stock ROM did.


                                When I read posts like, "Yeah!  It's great except...."    I just get that "Oh Brother Here We Go Again." attitude and shy away.


                                My phone is fantastic right now and I don't need any ICS headaches and workarounds to ruin my day.


                                Thanks for keeping us updated, though.

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                                  ITA stevec, the Bionix NextGen v2 rocks! There is not a single thing I would change. It's solid as a rock and it optimizes everything about this device. I used the SGS Kernel Flasher and finally settled on Immortality v2.2. It includes support for Voodoo Sound and even BLN plus a whole lot more. I'm getting great battery life, GPS works just fine, and I can honestly say I haven't had a single issue with anything. Bali is pretty good, too, but I like Immortality a bit more.


                                  The only sad part is that Team Whiskey has ended development for the Vibrant but I'm quite happy right where I am. I'm even apprenhensive about buying a new phone because I simply don't want to deal with all of the tweaking required to address the new set of issues that will surely come with it. As for ICS eh. Just plain don't need it.