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    verizon phones with sim card??


      Just curious to know if Verizon is using sim cards now...I been on there site and looked it up and it just says what a sim card is I believe..and I think the Sims are micro Sims not sure tho...i also seen a Verizon phone on craigslist from htc that had the no sim card message...if Verizon is using sim cards..can I use my tmobile sim in one(probably not)

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          Hey paulette, that is a great question, with carriers like Sprint and Verizon who use CDMA technology you will find that they typically do not accept a sim card, I say typically because due to the fact that the rest of the world uses sim cards they do also have what they call "world phones" these phones use their CDMA network but also have the ability to take a sim card, keep in mind that to use a US sim card in them they will need to be unlocked.  This is a very important thing to look at because you can place any foreign sim in them and it will work fine but for a US sim it must be unlocked to do so. Let us know if you have any other questions T-Force is here to help.