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    Need advice for a good T-mobile phone

      Does anyone out there have a recommendation for a good Samsung phone? I don't text but want the option and I don't use my phone for the web but I want that option as well. I do want to have a GPS map system on the phone that I don't have to subscribe to and a Sky mapgp. Other phone manufactures would be considered as well.

      Thanks for the help.

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          Hey Wahmbat,


          Good afternoon, There are alot of great phones.  The ones that come to mind are the android devices.  These will give you the options you are asking for




          This one is set to be released on the 28th



          This one below is my favorite phone



          Thanks so much for posting



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            Do you want a smartphone or a "dumb" phone?


            Looking at your needs all you need is a regular phone

            or an unlocked phone.


            Any smartphone you buy with a discount you will need to
            have a data plan so if you want a smartphone and don't want

            a data plan your best bet is to buy one from ebay or craigslist.

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              the links posted by the mod are for smartphones which require a data plan. I have the Galaxy SII for my personal line and it is awesome! But if the OP only wants a talk and text phone with no data requirement either of those phones won't be for him.


              I'm looking for a dumb phone as well. Found a few on ebay that are of interest. to the OP: Search on ebay and you can find quite a few models for non data phones. The Gravity T is one that does not require a data plan but I am seeing many reports of it being buggy so I am holding off on that one. AT&T has a Xenon 500 that would work on T mobile if you program it. It has simple talk and text features including a slide out keyboard. There are many older style phones like the bar phones or sliders that might work for you.


              @gramps: It is my impression that a smartphone requires a data plan regardless of if bought with or without a contract (such as an unlocked phone on ebay.) You are alluding to an interesting possibillity if true but I am not aware that that is the case. Can we get confirmation on that? If I could buy an unlocked smartphone on ebay and not be required to have a data plan that would open up more options for me. I have come close to settling on a phone that is not a smartphone so it may not matter. I'm just curious at this point but would be helpful knowing what is and is not required of an unlocked phone when using on a contracted line of service.

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                You can use an unlocked smartphone and not

                have a data plan required by Tmobile unless your plan

                already requires a data plan and if your replacing a Tmobile smartphone.

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                  Thanx for your response. Just to make sure I understand....this is what I currently have on my plan:


                  Family Plan @ $59.99/mo for 2 Lines.


                  Line 1: Galaxy SII Smartphone with Unlimited Text and 5 GB of 4G Data w/Wifi Hotspot Promo option including 4 GB of Data. (I have no intention of switching anything on this line including the phone...all is good here.)


                  Line 2: LG Sentio (Dumb Phone....incredibly dumb and annoying!) I want to switch this phone to another phone. Either another dumbphone (but slightly more intelligent than the Sentio) for talk and text only or maybe a smartphone since they have better features and are a bit smarter.


                  (Only line 1 requires a Data Plan.)



                  So if I understand you correctly I could conceivably switch line 2 from the dumbphone to an unlocked Smartphone and just use it for talk and text without requiring a data plan?


                  I'm most likely just gonna get another somewhat smarter dumb phone for talk and texting (since I have 2 possible models I am debating on currently: LG Xenon GR500 or Samsung SGHA877 Impression) but the possibility of being allowed to use an unlocked smartphone without the data requirement is intriguing. ( I did find an older model smartphone which might work out nicely: LG Pheonix  P505.) Hmmm....decisions.....decisions......

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                    Hi Everyone

                    Thank you all for the advice, I can start looking into the phone options via the links. I do have a very old plan (5 years old in fact) and it has Data on the go at 1.99 a meg so I don't use the web. I do understand if the apps I want to have like GPS and Sky maps require web I will need to change my plan.

                    Thank again.


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                      T-Mobile is the only major carrier that allows you to bring your own smartphone and not have a data plan. Yes, you could use a smartphone on the second line without a data plan as long as you don't get a device subsidized by T-Mobile.