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    Phone will not charge and mic does not work unless in speakerphone

      I have a couple of problems with my CLIQ.

      1. the cord for it has never fit well, but I would fiddle with it until it would set just the right way and charge. Now it will not charge at all. I do not know if it is the cable or the port on the phone that is the issue


      2. The mic on the phone has stopped working, except in two cases: I can plug in the earphone/mic and talk on the phone or else put it in speakerphone, but normal phone calls the person does not hear me.


      I really enjoy my phone, but it is unusable now.

      I NEED HELP!



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          I have exactly the same problem with my microphone and it started at in mid November. I tried factory reset, reinstalled the phone software starting from version 1.5 and updated back to 2.1 - nothing helped so far. People can hear me only if I use the Speakerphone function.

          The model of my phone is Cliq MB200.

          I need help too. Can this be a T-Mo problem?

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            Mine is doing the exact same thing.  The charging issue has been a problem almost since almost day 1.  I also have the problem with it freezing and resetting itself whenever it wants (at one point it happened 4 times in a row).


            Last week my mic quit working on my phone and I was able to use a headset.  Well, as of yesterday that is no longer an option either.  The only way I can talk on my phone is to use the speaker phone.  This must be a T-Mobile problem and I am very disappointed in this phone. 


            I have had it since October 2010 and have had nothing but problems with it.  When I contacted customer service, I was told because the insurance was not added at the time of purchase there was nothing I could do about it.  I bought my phone in a store and told them I wanted the insurance added.  I should have double checked everything because it wasn't until I received my first bill a month later that I realized it was left off.  I have had nothing but problems with my phone and T-mobile as a company since I began using them in 2010.


            I'm tempted to go back to Tracfone because the phone I paid $20 for in 2005 still works today and my son now uses it.  Sad that a $400 phone doesn't even last a year.