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    When is the 8107 update coming for Lumia 710?

      I'm aware the new update for wp7 is out for htc devices. Any official tmo word on this? Will the phone even get the update considering nokia said it'll be available upon "market request".


      Love the phone but headphones plugged in is the worst audio experience, it's almost like they removed the bass completely.

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          The day of will be the moment they let you know that its available.  They will not comment on a specific date.

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            Hey Test123,


            Willy is right, we don't have dates available as of right now.  As soon as it's available or can confirm a date then we will let you know.


            Thanks for your post and welcome to the community



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              Got it, but wanted to make sure, it is coming right? A little confused about the whole 'market request' part.

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                You can also flash the updated OS and phone firmware from the builds released in both India and Singapore, although you wipe out the data on your phone in the process and may void the warranty. I've not done this, but folks at wpcentral have without issue.

                Truthfully, now the update's been in market elsewhere, I'm finding it difficult to understand why T-Mobile won't just release the update. If there were issues, the releases in other markets would have brought them to light. One of the reasons iPhone has such high satisfaction is because updates are timely, and carriers don't get in the way of them. T-Mo needs to get out of the way of updates.

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                  Because carriers know the average consumer doesn't know about updates, which allows them to take their time.  Honestly, in this case, they're STILL wrong because the people who DO have a Windows Phone ARE PEOPLE who know about updates lol.  There are only a handful of people in the U.S. with Windows Phones, and chances are that if you know about the platform and the phone you're buying, you KNOW what updates are supposed to be out and pay attention to blogs.


                  Android and iOS platforms have large numbers due to their "cool factor", and the ones who are paying attention to blogs and root are the minority as well about knowing about updates; they just have a larger number of "underground people" than Windows Phone "underground people".


                  I will give T-Mobile credit and say that I'm at least greatful that they ARE acknowledging updates and are pushing them, so they are the only carrier that seems to at least care a LITTLE BIT.  However, they're still in the way, and their "testing" isn't necessary because all the firmware updates are OS specific, or else they wouldn't be able to push them to unbranded devices.  T-Mobile's "testing" is just a policy thing that makes them a "good company".  I guarantee their "testing" is like a 15-30 min process that they just simply "haven't gotten around to doing" because it's not a high priority (why study for a test a month in advance when you could study 2 days before and still pass lol?).


                  Also, be aware that if you flash 8107 (not the Nokia specific one) that you will NOT notice changes because there is no specific Nokia firmware code in there (in the case of the Lumia 710); it is only the 8107 build released for Windows Phone OS by Microsoft and NOT Nokia + Microsoft changes combined (or HTC+Microsoft, Samsung+Microsoft, etc).  If you do it via actual FLASHING with the Nokia Suite Care stuff then yea, you'll have Nokia AND Microsoft changes in there, but there may be some weird glitches.  I would go this route myself, but I can't get Nokia Care Suite to install =(

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                    The 8107 update doesn't look critical on paper, but I'd like to have it even if it just fixes some minor annoyances. Hopefully we'll see 7.10.8107.79 on our phones soon.


                    My current version is most likely the same as everyone else's: 7.10.7740.16

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                      That really depends on how bad the disappearing keyboard bug is for you. For me, it's really annoying as it happens to me multiple times a day, often multiple times mid-conversation. Other folks don't have it as bad (the bug appears when a background task briefly takes focus from what you're doing, so it's highly dependent on how you use your phone: I have a lot of background tasks running so it occurs a lot for me), but if you're one of the people for whom it's a regular? It's a huge deal.

                      The firmware update also reportedly helps battery life (a little) and speeds up waking from sleep. Which would be nice.

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                        If background tasks are the cause, that explains why I don't see the problem. I've disabled many of them in order to extend my battery life.


                        Looks like T-Mobile rolled this update out for the HD7 recently(3/19), so maybe there's hope for us Lumia 710 users seeing it in the next couple weeks.

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                          Yeah, I hadn't realized, but was listening to the wpcentral podcast earlier today and they said that's why it happens. I'm the opposite: I load my phone down with a lot of background tasks (it's got greater utility for me that way), but it makes the KB bug absolutely chronic, so the lack of this update is really annoying me.

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                            I've forced the update because tmobile is getting on my nerves.  Although it isn't the Nokia firmware that I was trying to wait for, it still has brought better battery life and SO far the keyboard hasn't dropped.  The only background task I have running is gas buddy so I didn't experience the dropping keyboard bug that much.  The battery life on standby is what I'm noticing has improved.  I know it was said to fix a syncing bug on 7740 with gmail, and I have my gmail on push so perhaps that's why I'm noticing better battery.  Other than that, the phone is the same and the keyboard accuracy is STILL garbage (something I really miss from NoDo days because the virtual keyboard accuracy is nowhere near as nice as it was on NoDo).


                            I'd rather have the support WE DO have for Windows Phone from T-mobile as opposed to other carriers (Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T....none of them being disliked more than the other really because they all hate Windows Phone with the exception of the Lumia 900 SUPPOSEDLY), so I will give them SOME respect for that.  But holding up an update that has been out for months THIS LONG is kind of crazy when there truly is like NO HARDCORE TESTING going on.  The Lumia hasn't received one update since its release, so thats what makes me so upset about the time frame for this update that includes Nokia specific firmware in it that I'm waiting for to help Nokia specific bugs OUTSIDE OF the Improvements I'm already noticing from 8107...

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                              Owning a 710 I got bored and searched to see for updates.....surprise there is one.....Tmobile burnt me on the cliq and the ever promised update to 2.2. If you all want to treat the Lumia 710 phone like its irrelevant and not push updates in a timely manner I will split and go to AT&T. 

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                                Hold the phone in the panoramic position, the keyboard is much more responsive this way, yeah even if its a totally irrellevent update tmobile has a freaking obligation to update their users....all you hear from tmobile is "we care about our customers"

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                                  It would be nice to know more information regarding the status of the update's release. Like it if it is the software team's queue or if it is currently being worked on. Just saying, "it'll be ready when it's ready" isn't much of an answer and may frustrate those who are dealing with the issues that may be resolved by installing this update.


                                  Imagine if your mechanic had access to a part that could resolve a problem with your car but just told you he'd install it when he installs it...The lack of good customer service is one of the main reasons I abandoned AT&T for T-Mobile. 

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                                    I agree, and the pricing is the only thing keeping me with tmobile (plus I don't want to lock into a 2 year contract when Apollo phones come out and AT&T is way worse with Windows Phone updates anyway...)


                                    Your analogy is good, and it def wouldn't hurt if they did what you suggested because the only people that would check it are the "techie people" anyway.  I know they are scared about letting people down with something that they promise and can't deliver, but at least say something to us....

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