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    Slow Charging/Proprietary connector

      I actually have two questions.  I have spent a few hours researching these on the internet, but still have a couple of lingering questions.


      1.  Slow charging:  From what I can tell, my phone uses about 500 mA of power for general use.  I had purchased a car charger online, and it was rated for 500 mA, and a standard USB port produces about 500 mA as well.  When my Amaze is plugged into that car charger or a USB port, the Amaze maintains its charge.  If it is at 50% when I plug it in, it will stay at 50% until it is unplugged.  So the adapter is charging at the same rate the phone is utilizing power.  If I plug the USB charge cable into a USB 3.0 port, it does charge a little bit faster, but not alot.

           Upon further research, I found some rapid chargers online that are rated for 1000 mA (or 1 A).  How high is it safe to go in amps for an Amaze phone?  Apparently, the ipad and iphone require 2.1 A in order to charge the battery.  Is it safe to get a 2.1 A adapter to quickly charge my Amaze, or would that overheat the phone?  How many amps are too many amps for a charger?

           I also found this item on Amazon that will take power from 2 USB ports that rate 500 mA each to form one port rated at 1 A.  I have already purchased one.




      2.  If I wanted a spare 12 pin cable like the one that came with the Amaze, this is the only place I have found anything like that.




      I know that video can be streamed from the 12 pin cable.  HTC says that the regular 5 pin micro USB port is backwards compatible, but it can damage the port.  When I looked on the T-Mobile website, it does not say one way or another whether they sell the 5 pin or 12 pin version.  Although I think they are selling a regular 5 pin micro USB port.


      Anyway, how important is the difference between the 12 pin proprietary cable from HTC and the standard 5 pin micro USB version?


      Thank you very much for any responses!