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    When will we know (more) about the Nokia Lumia 900!?



      I was wondering when ANY information will be released about the Nokia Lumia 900 (or a similar device), which was just announced yesterday to be released exclusively through AT&T on April 8th. Is this rumor about once the 45 exclusivity period is over then it will be coming to T-Mobile? I ask because I do not want to jump to the 710 if the 900 will be coming out in a month or two; I also do not want to have to switch from T-Mobile if it is just offered through AT&T.  I have read this rumor on multiple sites, and heard from one T-Mobile rep that they think it could be sometime within the next few months, but I was wondering if anyone had any other information (insider info??) to share?


      Thanks, appreciate it!!



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               Once we do have official information to share about this device, we will do so right away in our newsroom.  I have heard the rumors as well, but at this time rumors are all they are.  Please keep an eye on  http://newsroom.t-mobile.com/  for any new T-Mobile updates/promotions/devices as official information becomes available.   Thank you.





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            I cant agree more.  I want a flagship windows phone.  More choices Tmobile.  I am ready to leave to get a lumia 900.

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              Yes, it is said that ATT only has a forty-five day window to sell the Lumia 900 in the US but I still don't think T-mobile will pick up the phone.  What will more than likely happen is Nokia will release the Europe version of the phone in the US which has GSM bands.  But T-mobile will not be picking up the phone instead they will allow Microsoft, amazon, Walmart and even Nokia USA to sell the phone but with T-Mobile bands installed.  This is a way for T-Mobile to save money by not having to buy and house those phones but still have there customers be able to use the phone.  All the while building up cash and seeing to there LTE roll out but the only down side is that people would have to buy this phone at market price which is $450.  Which is not bad for a flagship phone unlocked.