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Anyone using the Amaze with Anker 1900 mAh battery?

I did search and saw some discussions abouit the Sensation but nothing recent about the Amaze.


Anker has a 1900 mAh battery that was for the Sensation, but from what I see it also will work with the Amaze.


However, I think that the Amaze has a larger capacity stock battery than the Sensation ( 1500 something vs 1750 if I remember right) so I am curious to see if the slight bump up to 1900 is worth the price of the battery or is the gain negligable?


Thanks for any info anyone could supply, as the first time I charged the Amaze the battery barely lasted over night on standby, but after a factory reset and full charge of the battery is seems better, but if I can get a bit more time out of the Anker 1900 I may get one.