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Iphone 4s (CDMA/GSM) Gevey Ultra Sim Unlock


I just ordered the Gevey Ultra Sim unlock for my Iphone 4s it was originally registered to verizon. Has anyone unlocked thier 4S with Gevey ultra yet?

Can you tell me about network connectivity or signal strength?

I am not expecting to have 4G speed on the 4S I currently have a mytouch 4gslide and I get 4G in Birmingham Alabama fairly well, I'm just wondering if I will be on Edge only when I unlock this phone. I love Android it's just an awesome platform, however my son has had his mytouch replaced twice now and I refuse to pay the insurance cost, so I am giving him my  mytouch and I'm going to test out this Iphone 4S on Tmobile's network, if it doesn't meet my needs as far as internet speeds (online student) and navigation (no sense of direction) I'll most likely give the 4S to my boyfriend when the Samsung Galaxy 3 comes out. I saw some videos and read some rumour reviews they say it is going to be just as good or better than the iphone 4S. There are videos online comparing the samsung galaxy 2 to the iphone 4S and the samsung galaxy keeps up and out performs the iphone 4S in certain areas. I guess we will see. But if anyone has any input please fill me in, I would like to keep the iphone 4s but if it's going to set me back into cellphone stone age I want to be prepared for that and start my wait for the new galaxy. Any input will be helpful !