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    MMS works on iPhone 4 but... email ?

      I have two iphones, 3gs and 4 (not 4s) that are working great on T-Mobile for the last six or so months (loving it). I am not complaining, but my email app doesnt work on cellular data most of the time, only when connected to wifi. Oddly, I can get internet to work most of the time on cellular data, but only using the old WAP settings instead of EPC or internet2. I used unlockit Custom APN Changer initially and then changed those pesky celullar network data settings manually, to no avail. So it works, but my email connection simply times out, without getting mail.

      Perhaps I don't know the proper way to configure my settings, or perhaps its a connection time-out of sorts? Can anyone help me with this?


      BTW, I used a GEVEY unlock for my iphone 4 and recommend it to anybody attempting to get on T-Mobile with a newer iOS. Its EASY! Look on ebay for cheap ones, they all work the same, so long as you get the BLUE or Ultimate.

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          Hi milesius,


          Were you able to get your e-mail working? It sounds like you've done quite a bit of troubleshooting.  I Iooked into this, but did not find much helpful information on GeveySIM-email timeouts.  When you tested the alternate APNs, did you also adjust all other settings? Although T-Mobile does not guarantee functionality of non T-Mobile devices, I hope we can get this working for you.


          Hope this helps!




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            It would be helpful to know the following so I may help


            1. Are you jailbroken

            2. What iOS you are on

            3. What your previous phone was

            4. What baseband (modem firmware) you have

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              Thank you for your response. I have made all the changes to my settings, and tried several APN's. My Phone is jailbroken with Gevey, on 4.3.3 of iOS, stock 4.10.01 baseband. Anyway, what I found was that if I added this really long proxy string after the 8080, T-mobile works fine for internet and wifi, if not a little slow. When my T-mobile network is availabel the carrier automatically switches networks to AT&T. My T-Mobile phone still works, and sometimes my data still works, but email will not. I think this is a problem that has something to do with the area I live and the coverage here.

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                Yes, sort of. I needed to add a long string of letters to my proxy number to get it to work.