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    Nokia Lumia 900 or 900 Variant

      Hi I have been a loyal TMO customer now for about 8 years and my contract is ending by the end of April! I was wondering if TMO will be getting the Nokia Lumia 900 or 900 Variant after the 45 day Exclusive period that AT&T has made with Nokia after when they release the phone in early/mid April? I really like this phone and probably a lot more TMO customers too and hope that TMO would be smart enough to get the Lumia 900 (or variant)! I'm sure there will be plenty of demand for it when AT&T starts to sell it. I am willing to wait a couple months after my contract expires if TMO will get it but was wondering if anyone that reads this post that works for TMO knows anything about getting it or not?

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          Hi icbuono,


          Thank you for being a long-time customer- we appreciate you sticking with us!  Good question.  T-Mobile launched the Lumina 710 in January 2012; unfortunately, there is no word on if the Nokia 900 or 900 Variant will come to T-Mobile.  Any news regarding a device launch will be posted at T-Mobile.com.


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            I think our main concern is for devices besides HTC Radar and Lumia 710 since they are not high end devices, in terms of memory capacity, screen size etc. I think Tmobile should actually notify us , espectially those with windows phones when they should expect something better than the previous high end device, ie HTC HD7. Because what good is unlimited web, etc if the devices are just mediocre, or focused on android.