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    My 4G disappeared

      My 4G disappeared, and I have tried a number of things to get it back so far that have not worked.  I have ensured that my use packet data is checked, I have cleared cache, cookies, and history, and I have taken my battery and sim card out for a few minutes then put it back in to see if it would reset it,  Nothing has worked so far.  Anyone have any other suggestions to correct the issue?  Thanks for your time.

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          California is currently having data issues, I don't know if it extends beyond California.

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            Thanks - I was not aware of that!!!  I am in San Diego...

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              I registered with Support trying to find out why data coverage has been out for over 5 hours now, while my wife tried to reach customer care for over 20 minutes.  You would think that T-Mobile would have some method of notifying their customers that they are experiencing a problem.


              She finally reached someone after 22 minutes, who is not in the USA and can only read a script.  The outage extends throughout the Western US and they have no idea when the problem would be rectified.


              The big help was to instruct us to call back customer care if our data connection hasn't been restored after 48 hours.  Really?


              Come on T-Mobile, think of your customers not only the dollars that they pay you.


              P.S.  Let's see if my post gets deleted.

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                Your post won't get deleted.


                Network connection issues can be complicated with networks large enough to cover the western united states, repairing the issue isn't usually as simple as resetting a router somewhere. I hope they get the issue repaired very soon but won't hold it against Tmobile if it isn't a quick fix.

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                  I just switched over from Verizon...Did I make a mistake? I had been with Verizon forever, never had an outage..This really sucks!

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                    My 4g is back on in San Diego.


                    Leaving Verizon is never a bad decision.

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                      I'm having the same issue in Dallas, TX area.  A co-worker of mine is as well and she's getting all sorts of differing advice from the phone support folks.

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                        ok, I fixed my phone and my coworkers by correcting the APN(Access Point Name) settings.  We had 1 working phone and combed thru the data network settings to verify they were all same as the working phone.  The 2 phones off of the data network had problems with the APN settings.  Not saying that will work for everyone, but it did for us.  And neither one of us have any idea why our APN's got hosed up.


                        You can check your APN settings by navigating as follows:

                        1) Any home screen, hit the bottom menu

                        2) Hit Settings

                        3) Hit Wireless and Networks

                        4) Hit Mobile Networks

                        5) Hit Access Point Names


                        We rebuilt a new APN profile with the following settings:

                        Name: T-Mobile US

                        APN: epc.tmobile.com

                        Proxy:  Not Set

                        Port:  Not Set

                        User Name:  Not Set

                        Password:  Not Set

                        Server:  Not Set

                        MMSC:  http://mms.msg.eng.t-mobile.com/mms/wapec

                        MMS Proxy:  Not Set

                        MMS Port:  Not Set

                        MMC: 310

                        MNC:  260

                        Authentication type:  None

                        APN Type:  Internet + MMS

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                          I have had to do the same thing multiple times now since Febuary  17th. Seems to come and go once a week. I am in Oceanside CA. Really sucks because T-Mo actually replaced my first Galaxy S4G, then erased everything on the second one, which now has a broken screen from a simple fall off of my lap. My first Galaxys S4G took more abuse than any other phone I have ever had. Confused and disapointed in this new phone and service!