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    WOW, Tmobile has killed the SK4G



      this is a big F _ _ _ Y _ _ for all tmobile sidekick 4g users. thanks tmobile!

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          Like most new phones, after ab out 1 year, they get retired unless they are really big sellers. low sellers get booted sooner than 1 year. T-Mobile is also saying it is NOT retiring the brand so hopefully a new Sidekick model will be coming soon (hopefully by the end of the year)

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            While it may be retiring, we'll get a little bit of support still. I'm still hoping that the rumor about an update by the end of March is true. If it is, it'll probably be the last one we'll get. It'd be the best way to send the SK off.

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              Not sure how it's an FU to customers because it's not like your phone isn't going to work anymore. They do this to almost all their phones a year or so after being out.


              I got the Sidekick 4G when it first came out then later changed to a G2X. The G2X was great especially for games, but having been so used to having a keyboard it was hard to adjust to.


              So I just went and got another sidekick and it's still as good now as it was a year ago. I've tried a lot of phones and the SK4 still has one of the best keyboards out there.


              I wouldn't be surprised to see a new model coming in the next year.