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    Text Failed

      I keep having an intermittent problem where I'll send a text message and then it shows as Failed.


      Saw folks were having the same issue with the Exhibit.


      Is this a known Gravity Smart issue and can it be resolved ?

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          Hi david3666,

               This is not a known issue on the Gravity Smart. To work towards resolving your issue take a look at Issues with text messaging.

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            im having my THIRD one sent to me because of this issue. im having to constantly turn my phone on and off to send a text. its gotten to the point where i have to do it every single time i send one. my mother and brother both have this phone and they are waiting on their 2nd one to come in the mail. i didnt have my phone (the 2nd one) 24 hours until it started doing it.. so i disagree with alicia this has got to be an issue with either samsung or tmobile