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    Phone echoes

      I recently sent my phone into samsung for repair but was just curious if anybody has noticed this with their S2. It seems that no matter who I call or who calls me regardless of cell phone or home phone the person I am talking to says that they can hear themselves echoing on the other end. I personally do not hear the echo only they do, and only hear themselves echo. Both Tmobile and Samsung had me do a factory reset  to no prevail. So I sent it into Samsung for repair. Is this a known issue with this phone? Has anyone else experienced this? If so how did you fix.

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          This also occurs everywhere on both wifi calling and Tmobile signal

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            I have had that happen with other phones in the past.  Sometimes I would hear myself echoing and the other person wouldn't hear it.  When I would hang up and call back it would be fine.  I have not had it happen with my S2 yet thankfully because it can be annoying but it was only occasionally.

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              The wierd thing is I dont hear the echo. The person on the other end of the line hears the echo, and only themselves. Almost like they are getting feed back from my speaker. Ive tried to turn the speaker down and turn on/off noise reduction, both things did no good.

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                Echo comes from certain cases. If you do not have a case then this is a different issue. If you do have a case and did not remove the case and try the echo problem then you did not do a thorough search for the echo problem. Your problem might be the case of echo echo. This could be the correct answer.

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                  Not even a helpful answer.

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                    1. How does your home phone factor into this, with your cellphone?

                    2. If you're not hearing the echo, why is it a bother to you?

                    3. Could it be that it's on their end.

                    4.  Are you using any form of bluetooth device at the time?

                    5. Is this only on speaker?

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                      Echo is they're on both home and cell phone lines. it bothers me because when I buy something I expect to work properly. I guess it could be on the other end of that would mean every single phone I called my number would be bad. no I am not using a bluetooth. and no I am not using speaker phone.

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                        anglemyerc - My husband is having the same problem as you are having with the Samsung S2. Everytime I call him weather it be on our home phone or my cell phone I can hear myself repeat back.  It almost sounds like I am under water.  It drives me crazy.  No matter who calls him, they get the same echo.  Have you found a solution to the problem yet?

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                          Tmobile support was no help all. I called Samsung and they had me send in my phone to be looked at. I explained what was happening with the S2 and I just got an email back today from them. Here's what they found.


                          Original Problem:
                          TECHNICAL INQUIRY - CALL QUALITY (RX/TX) - ECHO


                          Problem found:
                          BAD BGA COMPONENT



                          If you have any additional questions, please call us at 1-888-987-4357 and reference Ticket Number: ******2039.

                          Thank you.
                          Samsung Electronics America


                          I should receive my phone in a couple days and will report back whether this was the solution.

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                            Thanks.  I'm interested to find out if that solved the problem.

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                              Well I just received my S2 back from Samsung today. After a few test calls to a few different people the echos appears to be gone. YAYYYYY!!!!! As stated in above posted they replaced "PBA". I'm assuming thats the motherboard but I could be wrong. Hope this helps anyone else with similar problem.

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                                u had same prob new phone  no more echo

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                                  I have had this problem intermittently, but on my own end I'll hear my voice echoing when I call my boyfriend who also has a Galaxy S 2. We're on the same plan. He'll sometimes get an echo too. Last week, we had the worst echo ever; it reverberated over and over with both of our voices which we could both hear, very loudly. We thought that hanging up and calling back might solve the problem, but we got the same repeating echo.


                                  A search on this problem has not helped.


                                  And yes, I have tried calls with no case, and tried turning noise reduction off, on my phone. My boyfriend has done the same. A few days ago we both got new sim cards.


                                  We still have the echo.

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                                    I've seen someone else with the echo problem who solved it by, while in a phone call, tap menu button and then select noise reduction and turn it off.

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