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    Battery Life?

      Hi fellow HTC Radar Users,


      I was just wondering how many hours of battery life you guys get with your devices and if you guys are heavy users/medium users/light users.


      I just wanted to cross reference with other users to see how much time they get out of their battery.


      With a full charge I can get until 12 am. Keep in mind that I do go to a school where I cannot text/use the phone a lot. But yesterday I was using the internet non stop on WiFi and i only got 5 hours. How about you guys?


      Thanks for answering. I'm just a curious new user to Windows Phone :3.

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          Hey Edgar,


          Welcome to WIndows phone.  I am a heavy user, alot of texts and emails etc and I get about 5-6 hours.  If I do Internet or streaming is starts reducing that number.


          I fo have the convenience of a charger at my desk so that does work.


          Thanks again for posting



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            My numbers look something like this:


            Heavy email (1 Hotmail account, 1 Gmail account with forwarding from 5 separate accounts), medium texting (100 per day), and about 250MB a day over Wi-Fi usually doesn't kill the battery too badly. I also workout for 60 minutes a day with a 13 song playlist (on device - no streaming) via my bluetooth headphones.


            I pull off the charger at 6:00 AM and don't get back on until after 10:00 PM. I'm usually down to 20% before I plug in at night. So, on average, I would say I'm a solid 15+ hours without charging - but after my EVO4G that went 3-5 hours if I didn't use it much... 15+ is a huge increase.

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              I just got my phone stolen a couple days ago, so I had a couple days without my Radar and I had to use a Cliq 2. The battery life on it was horrible. I couldn't go a whole day with the cliq. Now I'm back with a new Radar and I am happy to have the great battery life again.


              The only question is, has your phone charged slowly before? Last night was the first time I had the new radar and it charged EXTREMELY slowly. Just Wondering. .

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                The charge rate can vary for quite a few reasons... Do you have wireless sync set up with your computer? Do you have the stock charger? Was the battery completely drained? Is the place where you have your charger somewhere that has great coverage, or questionable?


                So, to make a long story short... If you have anything that syncs when plugged in, or if Windows Phone was wirelessly updating your device (it would download all your goodies for the first time at sync - which it can do wirelessly) it could cause the battery to charger really slowly... The other part would be if the new device wasn't getting a good signal where you were charging it and it was struggling to find a signal and burning up more power in the process.


                Also make sure that settings are set up the same way with email sync times, calendar sync, etc... Sometime that can cause premature battery rundown and slow charging as well.

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                  We got our phones around the same time.  I work in a working where I can't use it a lot, but I do plug in an earbud and listen to music almost all day.  Both from the device and by streaming over wi-fi.  I'll leave work with 50%+ battery, unless I use Tune In, which sucks the juice FAST!!  I generally don't plug in again until bedtime.