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    Ok, so I've had all the above problems plus one more. I took several pictures and my phone only seems to be able to keep the last 3 taken. The rest are listed as broken. And yes, I have a 16g sd card in it so it has nothing to do with memory.


    So a quick vote: how many people want our old Sidekicks back? My hand is up...

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    I have the same device. the hardware (especially the keyboard) is top of the line, but Samsung has a habit of filling their phones with bloatware that not only clogs up the phone storage but also continually runs in the background (RAM) slowing down other software.


    The best solution short of Rooting and ROMming the phone is installing this software -- Easy Task Killer Advanced (formerly called Mobo Task Killer): https://market.android.com/search?q=mobo+task+killer


    Set it for 70% every 30 minutes. This has helped tremendously in making my phone run more smoothly.


    (and yes I would LOVE to have my old Sidekick back - it woukred so much better on the 2.5G network I am still on thanks to T-Mobiles lack of 4G expansion)

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    SAME EXACT PROBLEM AS YOU "konan" .... i contacted customer support and when trought about 10 departments...they didnt solve the problem.. i went to ta tmobile store about 20 times already didnt help me....the replaced my phone abput 6 times in this year...being 3 replacements WITHIN 1 MONTH!! 1 MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.... the problem is the sidekick 4g the phone itself..but tmobile doesnt whant to recognized the problem....they dont want to replaced it for another model with the SAME features for a fair exchange...i had the problems since day 1 that i bought it... i been a customer for about 10 years now...LOYAL CUSTOMER but NO HELP..... after this im getting tired of them so im deciding on canceling the line ven if i have to pay the 200 cancelation fee.... and probably switching to another company that has better customer support.... now they DISCONTINUE the sidekik 4g a few weeks ago...but even after thath they still want to send me the sidekick 4g again...the worst part is after all these people clamims they still DONT WANT TO RECOGNIZE that this is a COMMON ISSUE!!! .......i went trough all theyr help of hardware reset, clearing data, clearing cache, updating it...EVERYTHING!! no help at all!! sidekick sucks really bad!!! and im just going to either keep gettinga new exchange EVERY WEEK... until i either get a WORKING ONE  or an exchange...since they say its not a common issue i wanna see how long it takes me to get a FUNCTIONAL SIDEKICK..whih will be never most likely..

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