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Wifi tethering

I just bought a used mytouch 3g slide from a friend, and was wondering if wifi hotspot and usb tethering were free? I do have Froyo 2.2, and one of the apps that came with it was wifi hotspot, and it seems like it's easy to just turn the feature on and off. But I just want to make sure if I use this, will they charge me 14.99 on my next bill?

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    While you would have to have the $14.99/month feature active on your line for the tethering to work as it should, you will not be automatically charged this price by manipulating the WiFi functions of your device.


    Your phone can share its mobile data connection with a single computer over a USB cable. When you connect your phone to a computer with a USB cable, you can either tether or access files on the phone’s memory card, but you cannot do both. If you want to use your computer to access the memory card, you must turn off tethering. 

    For Windows computers, you may need to install the HTC driver before you can tether. To install the driver, download it from:http://www.htc.com/us/support/t-mobile-mytouch-3g-slide/downloads/.


    With Tethering, your phone can share its mobile data connection with a single computer over a USB cable. With Portable Wi-Fi hotspot, your phone can share its mobile data connection with up to five devices, wirelessly. This works with Windows® 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista®,and with Mac OS X. For more information about this, visit www.android.com/tether.





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    The problems with tmobile never seems to stop. Had to go to the store because they messed

    up my account again. There is a new premium that you need to get to continue to use your

    phone as a hot spot. The company found a way to anger customers that were not angry at

    them before. What fool in marketing decided to add this fee, take over your computers until

    you took it, on the same day the new Iphone was released?


    Did a little research on this one. There is a new premium rate of $35 giving you teathering access and 5GB usage. You should take your phone and computer to the store, they took one half hour to get the two working. The problem is is if you don't t-moble will take over your brower every time you use the phone and re-direct to the $14.95 message. Had to reformat my computer settings and reset the phone to use the HTC teathering.