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    iPhone 4s on Tmo...issues fixed!

      Bought a unlocked phone from Apple direct $649 didnt know about all the issues mms, mms pic, edge speed etc...


      Got #@#@ed so started to take it back, but the phone is pretty cool and the camara is so much better then 5m on MyTouch.


      So started working on it, Apple people dummed up and said its your issues trying to use it on Tmo.


      Tmo for once was pretty cool the rep sent me an email on jailbreak..now I am not a geek but it was simple the download does everything for you!


      Then the Tmo rep sent me te fix in cydia to get mms is working and now phone is working good.


      Yes its slow on the edge but its do able, I wifi apps and when I need I can hot spot to our My Touch.


      Here is the fix:




      Then once jailbroke:


      Add a new source and package to the Cydia application on the iPhone, by following these steps:


      1. Open the Cydia application then select the Manage Tab at the bottom of the screen.
      2. From the Manage Tab select Sources.
      3. Select Edit at the top right hand corner then select Add in the top left corner.
      4. Type the one of the following into the prompt:
      5. Select Add Source.
      6. This will add the new source to your list of Sources.
      7. Tap the the source you added in step 4 then scroll and select the T-Mobile US MMS fix, T-Mobile MMS Fix or T-Mobile Internet Fix.
      8. Select Install in the top right hand corner.
      9. Then select Confirm in the top right corner.
      10. Once it is done installing reboot the phone. After the phone powers back on, from the main screen go to Settings, General, Network, Cellular Data Network.
      11. Enter epc.tmobile.com into the APN field under MMS. The rest of the information for the MMSC, MMS Proxy, MMS Max Message Size, and MMS UA Prof URL should already be entered by the package we installed earlier.
      12. At this point MMS should be functioning correctly on this iPhone. Test it by sending an mms to the phone from a test device.
        This should only have to be installed the one time to fix this issue. There will be no need to continue to install this package again.


      This is a test email account used for troubleshooting purposes, please do not reply since this email is not monitored by T-mobile. Please call us at 1-800-937-8997 for assistance.