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    I have a samsung galaxy s 11

      Keep having problem and they keep trading it in for a refurbishied one. not ever a new one. and they i said i would just up great they said i would have to migrate over and that will cost me 200 a line. when i should have been on the plan to beging with. what they heck is this .. been with t-moblie for 10 years and this is how im treated. i wanna know what they are gonna do about it. since if i leave t-mobile so does my family that's about 50 ppl.




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          Funny.  I never have too much problem getting what I want from T-Mobile.  I think you are doing it wrong... whatever it is you are doing.


          I say collect your list of relatives phone numbers.  Speak to someone in authority and BE SURE to get their name so they can be held accountable for losing your business.  Present them with the list of numbers so they can confirm they are all T-Mobile customers and that you are not joking about it.


          Then calmly explain that you paid for a new phone.  You did not break it nor did you cause the problems it had.  You did not get what you paid for and T-Mobile has failed and it is their responsibility to make it right.  If they bought a new car and had some trouble with it, would they accept a used car in its place?  I think not.


          Demand to get what you paid for or get your money back.  But don't lose your cool.  This is business, not a brawl.  Use your leverage to the best and plan an exit strategy which accounts for cutting your loses.


          Personally, I've been looking to go prepaid without data.  I just don't need data when I have WiFi everywhere I go.

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            I didn't get exactly what's the problem with the phone other than you're having problems with  T-Mobile telling you, you have to migrate your account over or upgrade.  What was originally wrong with the phone?

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              The problems with the phone was dropping calls and never having any bars. try to answer the phone call would just distconnect, try to make a call and as soon as i say hello disconect.   Iv been dealing with great customer service, up until this one phone. and im really willing to fight on this. if i could throw a few hundred bucks out the window i would and just buy the new one.so the next phone call im gonna try to talk to a higher superviser cause the way that one was asking was like he didn't care if i left the company. like not caring for the customer.   yea that was it T-mobile was supposed to have number 1 customer server.....yea right...



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                Have you had bad service with every phone or just this one?  I'm sure that you incident is isolated and getting names is always helpful.  I'm willing to be that your problem very well could be a setting.

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                  It only happens when i use the samsung none of the other phone, not matter what type  of stlye phone.so  im still trying to figure out what is wrong is it just me. and T-mobile hasn't helped much except for exchanging the phone still have no bars and drops call like before. time to call them again.