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    no network, please help!

      i have a samsung gravity 4g phone and for the first six months it worked fine. even though i live in a small town i still had prefect service everywhere. my boyfriend also has a tmobile phone, a htc and he never has a problem. and now for the last several months, i have only about ten minutes a day worth of network connection. and this is whether i am home, out and about, at a tmobile store!, no matter what i have no connection. no calls, no messages, no internet nothing. i was in a car wreck and broke my ankel leg and foot and it is a hassell for me to keep going back to the tmobile store when they keep having me do the same thing over and over. i hate being left without a phone. i worry about my sons school not being able to get a hold of me. me being hurt and not being able to call anyone. so anyhelp you can give me i would appreciate.