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    Wi-Fi turns itself on and off continuously

      I have an HTC Sensation 4g with 2.3.4 /  1.50.531.1.  I just did the update in the last week or so. 


      I tried to turn on my hotspot today and it just said "error".  In the process of troubleshooting this, I turned the Wifi on.  (I could not remember if I needed it on or not for the hotspot to work)  Wi-Fi turned on and then turned back off.  Then it turned on again.  It's been going like this for 2 hours.


      I've tried restarting, changing my wifi sleep mode to never, airplane mode, nothing.  I can't turn it on and I can't tell it to stop trying to turn on.  It just goes on and off.  I went from full charge (it was on the charger when I started) to less than half already.   Has anyone resolved this problem? 


      Any help appreciated.

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            I had a problem not unlike this a few weeks ago.  I was using a battery saver app (don't remember the exact name) and had changed it from its default mode (not knowing what I was doing).  The screen would also dim.  Un-installed the app and have had no problems (of this sort) since.

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              I would guess, as habakkuk said, that it's an app interfering causing the problem.  The only other time I've really seen something like this is on phones which are rooted and running custom ROMs/kernels.  If that's not your case, a factory reset may be the best way to eliminate a phantom error like this one!  Good luck to you!

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                I'm sorry, Habakkuk, how is your problem similar to mine?  You don't really specify what happened to you when you changed the mode of your battery saving app.  Did this cause your Wi-Fi to turn itself on and off in a continuous loop, irrespective of rebooting the phone and using Airplane mode?  My wi-fi was still turning itself on and off with airplane mode on.


                I am not using a battery saving app and my phone is not rooted.  I have read several other forums which indicate that the 2.3.4 update did lots of strange things to the wifi.  This was the first attempt to use wifi since the update. I mentioned battery only because the problem was draining my battery (even faster than if wifi was turned on all the time).


                Speaking of which, I did find a way to break the cycle and save my battery.  I turned airplane mode on, then turned the phone off and removed the battery and the SD card.  Replaced the battery and turned the phone on. I was able to turn airplane mode off, and the loop seems to stop. 


                This solved the problem of keeping it charged and possibly doing permanent damage to the phone.  However, it is NOT a solution.  I can't use wi-fi.  Can I roll back the update?

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                  My problem was similar to yours in that the Wi-fi would go off and on, as well as the screen dimming.  I didn't try airplane mode.  I uninstalled the app and the problem went away.  I have NOT reinstalled the app.  I have had 2.3.4 and 1.50.531.1 for months. 


                  My intent was to indicate to you (as well as others) that battery saving apps (especially if one doesn't know what they are doing - as I didn't) can cause unusual problems.

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                    I see.  Thank you for the suggestion.  However, since I have no battery saving apps installed, I think this problem is unrelated or only semi-related. 


                    In the other forums on this problem, there were several references to the wi-fi sleep mode that comes on the phone.  This is not a 3rd party app, but I don't know if it was installed with the update or was there before and simply broken by it.  Several other users were able to make my problem go away by disabling that.  Your problem may have been caused by two conflicting "wifi sleep mode" apps.  Did you investigate this?  It may be that you simply needed to disable the T-mobile/HTC version in order to use your 3rd party app's other features.


                    I looked into this on my phone, but neither on/off made any difference.

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                      I believe we have similiar symptoms but different illnesses.  I've not looked into "wifi sleep mode" apps.  Probably compared to the majority of users I use my phone, apps, etc., a lot less.  I power off my phone at night and recharge.  Sometimes I do recharge late in the day, just to keep it from turning to "yellow". 

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                        I'm sorry again.  I was not very clear.  You had one app designed to save battery life, that was probably trying to put the wifi into sleep mode. 


                        But also there is also the option in wifi settings that apparently came with the last update.  If you go into advanced in your wifi settings, you will see it "enable wifi sleep mode".  If both of those were enabled, it would probably confuse the hardware.  But if you can live without the app, perhaps you don't need to worry about it.   I need my WIFI, so I hope someone comes up with a solution.

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                          I still cannot use Wi-Fi on my phone since the last update. 

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                            As I keep saying, all of you with issues after the ICS update need to try a hardware factory reset.

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                              This is not an ICS issue.  It was the update BEFORE ICS.


                              Obviously, I am pretty skittish about trying any updates now.  I waited until 2 weeks ago to try ICS to see if it would address the issue.  It didn't.  Now it just says "error".  It will inconcistently try to turn the wifi on still, but it doesn't constantly turn on and off anymore. 


                              I did the hardware factory reset multiple times.  No dice.  At this point I'm assuming the previous update fried the wifi by constantly turning it on and off for several days before I noticed. 


                              Incidentally, I wish I hadn't put ICS on it either.  Apps run slower, I can now see visual stuttering where I never did before, and the battery life is pretty much half what it was two weeks ago.  This all just verifies my usual policy to never install software updates until you absolutely have to and manage your own security as best you can.

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                                By the way, darnell, I did a factory reset eventually, it did not fix the problem.  I now have a new problem which just started which is that the WiFi tries to go on on its own now.  this will drain the battery in about two hours.  I can always tell when its happening, but there is nothing I can do.