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    screen mode

      hi can any body know why screen mode(dynamic,movie,normal like i9100) is not displayed in settings or can tmobile push new update to fix this issues because this screen mode really help with improve display color

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          This is not really a question is it?  More of a want than a real problem.

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            yes it not question but man the screen mode on my i9100 and t989 is the identical but when you select a dynamic mode the display color are much better then t989 and a love t989 much more but the difference is really big in color(dynamic mode)

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              Consider this,  had you have never seen the i9100 screen mode you probably wouldn't care that much about it on the T989

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                animaleyezz really if you just see the screen betwen the i9100 and t989 in dynamic mode you will see huge improve of the display color man just like hd(t989) vs full hd(i9100), wen a select a movie mode the display are identical a can not show the difference but just find a att sgs2 4.3 a am ask can tmobile push this setting in t989 all you will see the different

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                  Sounds like a useful feature - someone in the XDA forums raised the same question late last year and there's a subsequent discussion on a utility that could do this but the developer doesn't have a t989 to use for development.



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                    yes this is exactly what a mean and for someone reason tmobile hide(delete) this settings it is really huge hopefully settings am just asking tmo_agent to answer for this question or desire to all t989 costumer to be available to make color calibrating and sorry for bad english

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                      It could have something to do with the T989 using a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor in place of the i9100's Exynos. If the qualcomm chip doesn't support that sort of screen calibration, then they would have to take it out. That's just speculation, though.

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                        well might have about this that you say is do not believe that the chip has a role its samsung software might tmobile when the push another update will say screen color improve or something like that to

                        takes all merits, but it actually exists earlier, my opinion