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    Jet 2.0 stopped working when I got new laptop

      Ok.. I've been in the IT lab at work most of the day, on the phone with IT, on the phone with Tmobile... still can't find an answer.


      I've used my Jet 2.0 stick for about a year now on a Win XP computer with no problems at all. I would connect to my Cisco VPN so I could access the private network for my job to check email, etc. I signed onto VPN using the Cisco software on my computer. Never ever had problems doing so and I never had to go into the settings to mess with anything. It was basically plug in and go from the start.


      So my laptop Win XP dies and I get a loaner from IT with Win 7. I stuck in the Jet and it worked fine UNTIL I logged into my VPN. The Cisco VPN screen looked as if it were connected and so did the Tmobile Connection Manager. I couldn't get on the internet at all though. I can get on the VPN network fine without the USB stick, but once I pop it in there, I can't access it. I got rid of the loaner and got a brand new laptop with Win 7... the same issues are happening, so I know it wasn't the computer.


      My IT dept said: Go to Tmobile, it is their issue.


      So here are the guesses from Tmobile's techs:


      I'm only running 1 bar of 4G network... means I probably can't connect? I don't think so. I've connected with this stick everywhere and even with 1 bar it's worked fine.


      The guy also said it must be using the wrong Cisco profile. I've worked at the same place 5 years and used the same profile. It hasn't changed.


      His last guess was that I needed to take it to my IT lab.. which has already tried a little. They didn't even know anything about USB sticks to begin with.


      Ughhh.. So someone has to help out because I rely on the stick for my job when I am in transit to the office on a train every morning. Do you think I should try another stick.. like the Rocket (which had better reviews than the Jet) or does someone here know the answer?


      Crossing fingers and thank you in advance!!!!