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        Call Forwarding phone number on my handset is 1 805 637 7249 and is locked.

        I changed it using **004*[my google voice number]# and it works fine on my N9.  Forwarding is a network side function anyhow.  The worst that can happen is you stick your SIM into your old phone and then dial the control commands. A full list of the T-Mo control commands is here.


        Wi-Fi Hotspot on my handset is "Not Allowed".

        This is a known bug (or regulatory compliance feature; it is not clear which).  The workaround is to turn on developer mode, open a unix bash prompt and use the commands

              devel-su  (password: rootme)

              echo 1 > /sys/devices/platform/wl1271/allow_adhoc

        If you re-boot the phone you have to do it again, so if you use Wi-Fi tethering all the time, you can get all fancy and stick that echo command in the rc.d run control scripts.  I would like to see Bluetooth DUN tethering too, but Wi-Fi is enough to get by for me.


        I concur on the N9's propensity to fire up the Wi-Fi all the time and drain the battery.  This can be mitigated by lengthening the email check intervals and adjusting the nework settings.  I set my home Wi-Fi to automatically connect but the mobile broadband is set to require a manual confirmation.


        After having an N9 for a few weeks, my niece's iPhone 4 feels clunky in its form and operation, and that is saying something.  The web browser is a bit too dumbed down for my taste, but no worse than iPhone/Android; my N810 has spoiled me for a real PC-like power in a pocketable device.  Opera Mini is available and comes close, though.  I haven't tried Firefox/Fennec yet.  Video calling is supposedly coming in an update, but I can wait since video calling is not somehthing I use very often.  My only real complaint is that it is hard to find a replacement for a bent USB cover door.  I assume this will improve with time.


        In sum, I am happy with my N9, but I am not sure that it is worth an upgrade for someone who already has an N900.

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          For those that have an N9, the shrunken incoming MMS messages seem to be fixed for me.

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            I'm loving my N9 in general, however my 3.5G speeds are poor when compared to my other phones.  I live in the OKC metro area and typically get 3-4mbps with my Nexus S and when I had a G2X, I even got up to 8mbps once.  It seems the N9 (or at least mine) is being limited to 1mbps down and about .3 mbps up.  Also, I typically have pings greater than 1 sec.


            Anyone else have this issue?

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              As an update, the WiFi "not allowed" can be fixed now by downloading the "SpotOn" app, so you can just tap the app instead of going to a bash prompt and all that malarkey.  And call forwarding is now properly handled under the settings menu Settngs->Device->Call.  Apparently video calls are supported with the PR1.2 update now.  My update just pushed out today so I haven't tried yet.

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                The N900, still using it.

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                    After reading this disscusion it sounds like my N9 will work with T-Mobile.


                    The other day I tried to connect to T-Mobile web2go and the status indicator lit up with 3.5 in a blue circle but kept flashing on and off.  I am a pay as you go customer and a T-Moblie store told me that pay as you go customers only get 2g/ edge not 3g speeds.


                    Sounds like I need to upgrade to a different plan that includes data.


                    Full specs of the Nokia N9 can be found here:





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