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    Default Music player

      My phone updated to the new Google Play, however, the old music player still appears to be the default player and I can't get rid of it.  When I use my bluetooth headset it plays from the old default player.  I have to start Google play (or Winamp which I had before Google Play) manually to listen to music in these apps.  Really inconvienent especially if I'm riding my scooter.  I don't want to pull over everytime I want to change my music.

      Anyway to delete the old default player or  make Google play or winamp the default player?

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          Go To Settings>Applications>

          now navigate to the music player you want to clear from default usage, and select the clear default option.

          Now go to your Files and navigate to your music folder.  So when you select the file you'll have the option of selecting your default music player.

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            clear defaults is greyed out and is not an option.  Im guessing since it was the player installed on the phone by Samsung I can't get rid of it or change it from the default player.  Bummer.

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              Isn't Samsung's default player separate from the Google Music (Google Play Music) app? You can't uninstall Samsung's player. How were you starting your music before, if not manually (opening the app and hitting play)? I use PowerAmp and that lets me set it to automatically play when headphones are plugged into the jack. It also has lockscreen controls, so I never even have to unlock my phone to start/stop or pause or fastforward music.

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                I am using a bluetooth headset system called Blinc which is attached to my helmet.  It is an intercom/cellphone/music system for riding motorcyles/scooters.  It has a mike and earphones attached to the inside of your helmet.  You control the function by simply pressing on the button.  When you press it once it starts playing your music.  Unfortunately, when you start the music player using bluetooth it starts the default player which is the one that came on the phone.  Not google play.  Not sure how to solve this problem.

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                  I think doubletwist replaces the default music app.At least it did on my Vibrant.