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    Any Benefit to ICS?


      I just got a SGSII last month, replacing my outdated 3G Slide. The SGSII comes stock with 2.3.6 (Gingerbread). 


      So far, I've not had a burning desire to root and mod the phone like I did on the 3G Slide. (I put CyanogenMOD 6 on that device, and now my son uses it.)


      Is there any real benefit to ICS that would warrent me going through the update process when it comes out?


      Do any of you out there have ICS already?



      I saw this thread from a few months back: http://support.t-mobile.com/thread/22054?tstart=0 

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          It's just an improved OS. Better functionality, better battery life and a slew of added features which are listed here.


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            Thank you. Now to see what TMobile or Samsung will do with it.


            I'm going to stick around and not get Cyanogen for awhile at least. (http://www.cyanogenmod.com/devices/samsung-galaxy-s2)


            Actually, I have little to complain on the battery life. Pretty good, as far as I'm concerned.

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              Be VERY CAREFUL downloading and installing custom ROMs/Recoveries on your phone - the moniker "Samsung Galaxy S II" is used on several different devices, really, and the one you link to on CM is the i9100; what you want is the T989 - for which there is still no official CM ROM.  If you flash a GT-i9100 ROM on your SGH-T989 you will brick it - you will probably be able to recover but you may do irreparable damage to your phone.  Check out the XDA forums for the T989 before proceeding and make sure you do lots of reading before running down a path which could lead to you having a $529 paperweight.  There are some decent ROMs available now but honestly the stock ROM seems to perform better in almost all respects right now.  ICS may bring different results; for now, enjoy your phone!  It's still one of if not the best phone on the market!

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                I'm a huge fan of rooting. I rooted the first Galaxy S phone repeatedly! But with the S2 I have to agree with unclespoon, I have yet to find a real reason to root. Try some different launchers first. I recommend ADW Launcher EX. Has some nice features, and I'm running it now.

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                  Thank you both!


                  So far, all I've done is put on a bunch of my APK files from my old phone (i got them from Titanium) and had yet to see a real need to root or mod. (I do love beautiful widgets and am torn between Thumb Keyboard and Swipe.)


                  I walked my son through puting CM7 on his Nook Color and he's got my old phone with CM6.


                  Putting ADW Launcher EX?  Not a bad idea!


                  thank you both.

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                    There are a couple of reasons to root the GS2, the main one being the abitlity to use apps like Titanium Backup and other great root-only apps. The other being custome kernels. With an overclocked and undervolted kernel, my phone runs smoother and lasts much longer than it did stock. I probably will switch to CM9 when/if it becomes available for our phone, just because it looks like Samsung didn't change anything at all about the TouchWiz launcher to reflect the new ICS UI.

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                      Depending on how you use your phone and if that person wants to take the chance of bricking their phone, Rooting may not be a viable option.  Me being a "Pro" rooting person, I just haven't heard or seen a real "gotta have it" reason for rooting the GS2.  I think most people do it for bragging rights, so be it.  (Removing the random advertisments is tempting me.)

                      If we were looking at say hypothethically 8 hours battery life non-rooted to 18 hours battery life rooted that to me would be worth the price of rooting.

                      Just my opinion though.

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                        Based on my experience, albeit limited, I'll wait awhile after it's released to see how smoothly others find the ICS upgrade goes. When I upgraded my old garminfone to 2.1, I'm convinced bugs were introduced and these were never dealt with before the phone was dropped from the Tmobile lineup. So I'll wait to see how ICS turns out for all you first adopters!

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                          Stock, I was getting around 12 hours average, 15 or so max. With an undervolted kernel, I average around 16 and maxed out once at 29 hours.

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                            The max is great, but I'm still seeing only marginal improvements.

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                              CNET UK has a March 15 article "Samsung Galaxy S2 Ice Cream Sandwich vs Gingerbread in video" (http://crave.cnet.co.uk/mobiles/samsung-galaxy-s2-ice-cream-sandwich-vs-gingerbread-in-video-50007318/) comparing Samsung ICS for the i9100 to the original Gingerbread.


                              I found one of the comments interesting, and disappointing if the parts about the camera features, battery life and scrolling are true:


                              "I've already went back to Gingerbread, Scrolling is awful, battery life also poor, with the Touchwiz skin it looks almost identical to Gingerbread its got none of the sexy looks of ICS, None of the cool ICS camera features yes Samsung removed them. All in all a bit of a let down Samsung."


                              My ASUS Transformer TF101 already has the ICS upgrade and the scrolling is now faster than it was under Gingerbread


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                                For me it's hard to give credance to the international version due to the fact that the US version will (and should) be more polished. Apply a new launcher and Touchwiz is out of the picture.

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                                  ...and it doesn't look good for us getting ICS. I just had a chat session where the rep stated ICS isnt' planned for the G2.




                                  Please wait while we find an agent to assist you...


                                  You have been connected to !Gregory G.

                                  Kai Ponte: When is Galaxy SII going to be updated with ICS?

                                  !Gregory G:  Hi Kai! Thank you for contacting T-Mobile Chat service. My name is Greg G, rep ID 145-1169. Before we begin, please allow me a few moments to review the information you provided.

                                  Kai Ponte:  okay

                                  !Gregory G:  Thanks for your patience. We value your business! I'll be more than happy to answer your questions today.

                                  !Gregory G:  Are you referring to software updates for Galaxy S II?

                                  Kai Ponte:  Yes. When I purchased the phone, the TMobile rep told me Ice Cream Sandwich was coming out soon. I know the Galaxy S2 phones in Europe already have ICS, but we don't seem to have a date set yet. I want to know how soon to expect this. I'm surprised i"m still on Gingerbread.

                                  !Gregory G:  That is a very good question.

                                  !Gregory G:  Please allow me to research this for you.

                                  !Gregory G:  Thanks for your patience Kai. Upon checking my resources, We are actively working with our OEM partners to ensure that a number of eligible T-Mobile devices are upgraded to Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) in the coming months.

                                  Kai Ponte:  Months, eh? Okay. I figured this would be done sooner. How about Jellybean?

                                  !Gregory G:  Today, we can confirm that Android 4.0 is expected to come in early 2012 to the HTC Amaze 4G and HTC Sensation 4G. However, we cannot do not have a scheduled date for Galaxy S II yet.

                                  Kai Ponte:  Oh, brilliant. I purchased this phone over the Sensation because the rep said it would get ICS first. You need to do a better job of training your sales reps.

                                  !Gregory G:  I apologize if you were informed that way.

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                                    And your point here is to prove the CSR don't know what they are talking about right?

                                    Why would T-Mobile and Samsung give you a date just to have it pushed back and allow for disappointment and customers to jump ship especially T-Mobile.  Samsung is the defacto market leader with Android Smartphones. 


                                    A meltdown like that would be disasterous for them.  So the smart move is to be silent and let the update roll out when it's ready.  HTC on the other hand is suffering massive losses so they are throwing Hail Mary's trying to get customers back and get into that position that Samsung currently holds.  So it makes Sense (pun intended) for them to give out dates or timeframes.


                                    Calling the least knowledgeable people about this update is futile.  And posting this information here is even more so. It will come when it's ready.


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