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    Moto RAZR v3 Browser

      I'm trying to look into My Account, using Moto RAZR v3 browser, but I get a response of: Sorry! We are not able to process your request at this moment. Please try again.
      Before I was occasionally able to get to the page page, but the text on it was all mingled and unredable.

      Please advise.




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          Hey igosha!


          I'm sorry you're having problems with web2go on your device.  If a certain website isn't working properly, I'd recommend following our Cannot access a web page document to resolve that issue.


          Thanks for joining the Community!


          - Ian

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            Hi Ian,


            Thanks for your reply.

            I can now open web2go site on my device, but most of the text is unredable.

            Because the text lines are going over themselves, I think it does not detect the screen width or cannot move the text over to a new line correctly.

            Following "Cannot access web page" document does not help either.



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              No worries. It might be an issue with your browser settings. What are they set to? You may want to try changing the font size or display mode.


              1. From the main screen, press the Menu key.
              2. Select Settings.
              3. Scroll to and select Tools.
              4. Select Web Access.
              5. Scroll to and select Browser Setup.


              It may also be a software glitch causing the problem. If so, a master reset should resolve the issue. Don't forget to backup all your information as it will be deleted after the reset.


              Let us know what happens!


              - Ian

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                Hi Ian,

                No, this phone does not have p.4, basically no Web Access or Browser settings are available.

                I tried Master Reset, but it did nothing to the way web2go - My Account page is rendered.

                When in the Browser I can clear cache (tried that) and change security settings, that's it.

                Probably the page's script update is needed, which would wrap the text up correctly moving it on a new line.