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    wi fi disabled

      i have a samsung dart and a mobile hotspot.  I would really like to use the hotspot with the phone!  It shows connected, but disabled!  Why?

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          Hey candacemvance!


          I'm sorry your Smartphone Mobile Hotspot isn't working.  There are a few things you'll need to do to get everything up and running. The first thing you'll need is to add the Smartphone Mobile Hotspot feature to your account, depending on your account type. You should be able to do this on your My T-Mobile page.


          As long as the account is setup properly, there are a few other things we'd want to know.  Are you able to connect to the Internet on the device by itself?  If not, I'd get started with our No Internet / data Android document. Is your computer able to browse the Internet when connected to another Wi-Fi Internet source?  If not, I'd recommend contacting the manufacturer of the computer for troubleshooting.


          Thanks for joining the Community!


          - Ian

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            I just  found this in your messages. Which is ironic because my WI FI is also disabled. Last night I worked on trying to enable. When following directions it woukld not enable for me. So I went to applications to WIFI and it shows disable. I do not know how it became disabled because it was working last month

            What is Force Stop?. When clicking on WIFI icon under settings it brings up all these networks.. Which I haven't figured out  Each one I click on states to enter a password. What password?? Shows WIFI Calling.Cellular Network Preferred.. Heck I don't know what to do..

            Thank You

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              Hi candacemvance,

                   Have you tried connecting you hotspot to another device other than your Samsung Dart?