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    text tone

      When I first got my Wildfire, the text tone worked fine. But one day it just randomly stopped playing it even with the phone volume turned all the way up. I checked and re-checked to ensure that I had chosen the option for a text tone to play, and still nothing happens. I miss a lot of messages because the phone only vibrates, or if on silent, the green light flashes. Anyone else run into this issue? What can I do to fix this?

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          Hello there,


          Sorry to hear about the troubles. You're talking about the notification your phone's supposed to play when a text is coming in, right?


          Always helps to make sure you're on the latest software available for your phone. Check here to see.


          First thing to try, choose a different tone for texts, just to test it. If possible, choose one that's built into the phone. This will let us know if there's a malfunction in the device going on, or possibly just your chosen tone may be corrupt. If it sounds out loud with a different tone, then we know its just the ringtone you were using. In that case, I'd recommend just delete it and copy a new version over to your phone. Or just choose a different tone.  Depending on where you got the tone, you might want to copy it over to a PC first, just to make sure you don't lose anything important. If available though, its best to get a new copy from whatever original source you recieved the tone from.

          Either way, here's more info on transferring info between your phone and a PC.


          If you find your phone won't play ANY tone as your text notification, then you might need to do a master reset.

          If it needs to go that far, I recommend review this first, to make sure important information and media you store on your phone is preserved and can be restored easily afterwards.


          If you end up needing a reset, instructions can be found here.


          Hope this helps, either way please let us know.

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            I have tried using different text tones. And the only one that I used was one that came on the phone, so I know it wasn't any issue with any content I put on the phone. It doesn't play any of my notification sounds.


            I also have tried installing the update. It always says I have no memory even though I don't use my phone for games or anything. I have deleted most pictures, excep for TWO. All but one app that I downloaded is on my 4GB memory card. I clear the app cache often, I make sure I keep my texts low, and I never use my phone for email. I don't know how to create more space! So, before resetting I want to try to the update, but can never get it to install due to supposed low memory.

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              Okay, shortly after responding the first time, I tried to install the update, and ended having to remove my Facebook app temporarily. The update installed just fine, but the text/notification sound still isn't working. It did briefly after removing the Facebook app, but now it's not.

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                Ok thanks for that info. Glad you were able to get the update to install.


                Sounds like it may be a memory issue. If we can track down where the excess is, we should be able to get your phone working normally (text tone and all) and you can keep your facebook app and the other things you like to use.


                Your device has a built-in utility to free up storage space. Let's start there. Here's a direct link.


                Here's a list of steps that apply in general to all android devices, which may help as well.


                Once you have made a difference in your available memory, restart your phone and see if your text tone comes back.

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                  The first option didn't do much. I do clean the app cache several times a day, and do all of those steps. I'm not really sure what else could be causing my text tone not work. But so far, nothing has changed.

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                    Hi there.


                    Sorry to see you're still having trouble with this.


                    At this point, we're either dealing with a memory issue, or a glitch in the software. On the bright side, if other sounds are working normally, then your device hardware is fine.


                    There's basically 2 possible solutions at this point. Free up more space, or master reset.


                    A master reset would fix our problem whether its a memory issue or software bug, however I definitely understand that you probably keep a lot of important information on your phone. Review this document first so you don't lose anything important.

                    Reset instructions can be found here.


                    If you'd like to go the other route, start by finding out how much memory is free on the device and share that number here for further assistance.


                    Something else that may help free up memory, is uninstall any apps you're no longer using. Here's steps to manage/remove applications:

                    1. From any Home screen, tap the Menu menu_key.png key.
                    2. Tap Settings.
                    3. Tap Applications.
                    4. Tap Manage Applications.
                    5. Tap the Menu key again, and select sort by size.(not available on some software versions) This will list apps that are taking up the most space at the top of the list.
                    6. Tap the application you want to uninstall. (For larger apps that you don't want to remove, you can select options to clear cache to dump temporary storage that may have built up in the app, without losing the app or stored info in it. )
                    7. Tap Uninstall.
                    8. Tap OK.
                    9. Tap OK, again.



                    Hope this helps you out. Let us know how it goes for you.

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                      I figured it out. Turns out it wasn't a memory issue. Somehow my notification volume got turned all the way down. I stumbled across this while trying to figure something else out. thanks anyway!

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                        Well, just glad to hear that the problem was fixed for you. Thank you very much for taking time to follow up. Hope this information can help others in the future who might encounter similar issues.