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    Wifi hotspot.

      Is there a charge for using the wifi hotspot from the G2? Will I be able to connect to my wifi iPad? Thanks. Also, I had to create a new account as I was unable to log in. Is it because of some changes?

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          Hi veggie59,

               In order to use your device as a wi-fi hotspot, you will need to add the $14.99 Smartphone Mobile Hotspot feature. With that feature your will be able to connect to your iPad.

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            There seems to be very little info on this feature. I went into the help file on my phone and it did not say anything about a charge.

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              I've have my phone and unlimited plan for over a year and a half and yesterday I get a push notice that t-mobile wants to charge me $14.99 for this.

              I have the unlimited data plan and I should be Grandfathered in from this charge. Is it time to call the FCC and FTC to complain?

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                Even though you have a grandfathered plan tethering was prohibited according

                to your contract.

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                  How could you possibly know that when you don't even know what my plan is?

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                    This is from the 2008 terms and conditions for data plans.




                    29. Additional Terms for Data Plans and Features


                    The following terms apply to your data plan or feature (“Data Plan”). To the extent any term in your Data Plan expressly conflicts with the general Terms and Conditions, which also apply to your service, the term in your Data Plan will govern. Please read your Data Plan carefully.


                    1. Permissible and Prohibited Uses

                    Your Data Plan is intended for Web browsing, messaging, and similar activities on your device and not on any other equipment. Unless explicitly permitted by your Data Plan, other uses, including for example, tethering your device to a personal computer or other hardware, are not permitted.


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                      Call T-Mobile support, they told me that they start charging when you enable the feature.  It's not described in the phone itself, would be nice to see it there.  The G2 works fantastic as a mobile WiFi hotspot.

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                        They don't start charging you when you enable it on the phone.

                        Someone shockingly gave you wrong information.

                        You can enable it on the phone and even use it for a short while.

                        Then you will get the dreaded "UpSell" error screen while browsing once the network sees enough of that type of use requiring you to add the feature to continue using it.

                        Some people get lucky and it won't catch on for quite a while.

                        I was able to use it on mine for almost 2 months intermittently before I got the "UpSell" message.

                        But you will not get charged automatically for enabling it on your phone, but just redirected to the "UpSell" error message.

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                          How could anyone know about the "terms and conditions" of their contract when almost alot of people conduct business over the phone? When I had to sign up for my new contract over the phone (because I got a new phone and had to change plans due to T-Mobile phasing out the Danger Sidekicks at that time). I've been with T-Mobile for 10 years and I'm sure now their Terms and Conditions have changed since then. But I remember when I got this new phone and contract that the customer representative specifically stated that the Mobile Wi-Fi hotspot was a part of my Unlimited Data plan. So to me, that means it was INCLUDED in my plan.  What most likely happened is T-Mobile realized they were losing out on alot of money due to new devices (ipads, etc..) coming out that users were using more of Mobile Hot-spot and they saw an opportunity to make more $$. Well T-Mobile has a right to charge NEW customers or customers who sign up for T-Mobile Wi-Fi hotspot now pay for it, but those that had it before they started charging should have been Grandfathered in. Again I was told it was part of my plan, now I'm told it's not or never was (but yet I was able to use it for over a year with no issues).  I've had minor issues with T-Mobile in the past, but I'm getting sick of getting nickled and dimed. I used to like T-Mobile because their service was decent, their customer service was great, and they offered reasonable rates...now with all these problems and changes I'm ready to take my business elsewhere (and I know T-Mobile doesn't really care because they have millions of customers), but I feel they are wrong for changing their rules in the middle of a Contract. Everyday closer to the end of my contract those $50 everything (Boost, Cricket, Virgin, etc..) are looking better and better.

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                            Just came from T-Mobile store. They said they cannot even turn the hotspot feature back on because I'm on a grandfathered plan and will need to change plans to get what use to be a free standard feature back by paying for it. Right now, they said< I can't even pay to get it back.

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                              Call a rep on the phone

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                                Ig they tell u same thing

                                Call cancellaton dept

                                That should be reason for u to cancel

                                At no fee

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                                  Or is new plan same or cheaper for u

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                                    I still like old plan the best

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