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    speech to text problems

      I have a rather strange problem that pertains to my speech to text messaging on my Galaxy S2.  I've had the phone about two weeks and intially this feature worked great both in google and standard text messaging.  The speech to text was highly accurate, with very few errors.  However, now that's changed and while the feature works good for google searches, the speech to text when trying to send a text message results in a result that's unintelligible.  I really don't know what I did, if anything, for the result to change.  I've pulled the battery, but the result is the same.  Any ideas?

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          Go to Settings>Voice input and output>Text-to-speech settings>Default engine> (Here you should have 2 choices or more if you've downloades some others.  Samsung TTs or Pico TTS.  I prefer Pico.  Nevertheless try each of them for yourself.  There are other choices available if you search marketplace that you may like better.  It's all trial and error.  But I think Pico is Google's version and of course Samsung is self explanatory.)

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            Hey checknkaren!


            Were you able to get your issue resolved with animaleyezz's suggestion?  If not, I'd also recommend clearing the cache and data from the speech to text application.


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            - Ian

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              Maybe your accent changed in the past few days ;-)


              Animaleyezz's suggestion is text to speech, not speech to text, so that won't do anything (how did that get marked as helpful?  Anyways)


              Google may be working on some updates and there may be bugs.  What happens with the Speech to Text is you hit the button, the file gets sent off to Google, then the text comes back [similar to how SIRI works, but SIRI apparently does more file transfers].  So, changing the settings on your phone won't really help.


              I guess the best that can be suggested is make sure you're talking clearly in a low-background noise environment.  The less the system has to decypher through, the better results you'll get.

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                smplyunprdctble what's the deal?  I thought we were trying to help one another not tear discredit anyone for their input. So let me be Helpful to you.

                Helpful: (adj) 1. giving or ready to give help

                                    2. USEFUL

                So in the future maybe you can be useful to someone.

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                  I didn't say your information wasn't useful.


                  I'm saying the information you posted wasn't technically "helpful" to solving the initial problem.


                  You DID give great information.  There is no argument to that.  It just doesn't pertain to the conundrum directly.


                  (It's like going to Waffle House and want to order pancakes.  Pancakes are awesome, and kinda like waffles, but they're not the same, and you can't get pancakes at Waffle House)

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                    I still disagree.  It puts him on the path to solving his problem.  Point and case being if he picked the wrong TTS then it's full and well on the right track.  Not to mention it was helpful information.  I just don't see why you had to try to discredit my input instead of just inserting yours and leaving well enough alone.

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                      I disagree with your disagree.


                      TTS (Text to Speech) is a different engine than STT (Speech to Text).  Completely different systems, even though they both involve Speech & Text.


                      Think of it this way.


                      My Water-to-Ice machine (Freezer) was working great for a while, but now it only works a portion of the time.  Someone [in this case, the analogy is your post] says "There's a stove and microwave you can use for Ice-to-Water, the stove is one way, the microwave is another." -- One would expect someone to come in behind and say "While it's true, that's not useful to the original post."  That wouldn't get one on the right track.  And, unfortunately, TTS has nothing to do with STT.  They're completely different, separate, and unique products.  Related in no different fashion than a stove is related to a fridge.


                      Of course, on my commute home, I thought of another thing to ask the OP.  Which keyboard are you using for the Text to Speech option?  And is it the same keyboard you were using when it was working better?  If they're different keyboards, they may use different engines (Frigidare vs GE in my water-to-ice example), and therefore may produce slightly different results.  If it's the same keyboard, one would try to investigate if they changed providers for STT [the default Android keyboard being the only one we can probably guarantee stays using Google's translator], or if there's any settings within the keyboard that lets you pick providers.

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                        There are a few keyboards out there that use the Dragon Dictation engine (Flex T-9, I think is one, the latest Sype beta is another) and those tend to work quite well. That is as long as your mic is good. I knew a few folks who had bad speakerphone mics and therefore couldn't get decent text-to-speach no matter what.