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    What would cause phone to turn off/on in middle of night?

      So in addition to the screen freezing and the power cycling and the SMS failures - now we have the phone turning off/on in the middle of the night?


      Waazzzuppp - If you read this, do you think this is also a memory issue?  It had happened before but not in a very long time. (And I havent installed any new apps lately)


      For the record, the phone has a task killer (which tech support told me to use) which supposedly kills the 'running apps' when the screen goes dark. That was supposed to help with the poor memory.  The phone was just lying on the nightstand untouched for hours.  The phone was not connected to any data; nothing was syncing.  It was also fully charged. Around 4am, I was woken up (again) by that nasty turning on/off music followed by the notification sounds etc.  Just dont understand what would cause the phone to do that - so now Im back to having to turn the ringer off when I go to sleep and not using the alarm clock feature.


      Iphone5 here we come; time to sell the exhibit2's and pass these problems on to someone else


      Just curious - so what would cause this latest issue?

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          You may have a defective phone. Have you tried a factory reset to determine if any apps that are installed are causing the problem? As far as the ringer goes, you should be able to use the Alarm even when the phone is silent. You should double check your sound settings. My phone remains on Silent/Vibrate everynight and the Alarm still sounds.

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            Yes, Ive had ongoing problems with this handset since Nov 2011 & Tmobile keeps telling me the phone has 'known issues & theres nothing they can do."


            Ive done 7 factory resets & 2 manufacturer repairs & 2 separate handsets...so I keep getting the defective ones or as multiple techsupport reps have acknowledged, this model has lots of problems (or at least  a % of them do)



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              Ill try the alarm ..I assumed it wouldnt go off if phone was in silent mode. Thanks. (Hopefully the phone wont turn off at the time alarms supposed to go off)


              Is there a way to change the default alarm sound vs manually choosing it each time?

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                I've had my handset for a few months now and aside from a freeze now and then I've yet to have a problem. And if you navigate into sound settings, on Silent Mode's description line it says "No sounds except media and alarms"

                As far as the default alarm sound, that I've found, there is no other way than manually each time.

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                  Only yours, apparently.

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                    Its happening again - sometimes during the day now - The phone will just be sitting on a desk - unused for hours and will turn off and on - I hear the turn on music and it will reset my notifications so it looks like an unheard voicemail just came in (it plays the notification sound and then on the notification panel, it will say the current time as it the voicemail just came in).  The weird thing is that when it mysteriously turns off/on, it doesnt register as a 'restart' on the Tmobile MyDevice App.  So I dont really know what is going on with that.  The battery is fully charged so its not that.  I had thought maybe it had to do with maybe losing a Tmobile signal, but Ive been told it wouldnt do that.


                    So I have no idea what would cause this.  At least when it mysteriously turns off/on, it doesnt power cycle afterwards.


                    By the way captainbob, you should read some of the other Exhibit 2 threads, there are other customers complaining about daily freezing and other problems with the phone.  I'm not the only one.  There are other customers saying theyve replaced the phone three times, others who have likewise done many factory resets, and all reporting the same nonchalent attitude by Tmobile employees who just no longer seem to care about customers. 


                    So hopefully dont jinx it, and youll be lucky enough not to have t hese problems.  But the rest of us are still having issues with this handset.


                    if anyone has an idea of what would cause a handset to mysteriously turn off/on (when it is fully charged and just sitting on a nightstand or desk) let me know

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                      That's hogwash. I have been looking at not only this site but Androidforums.com where they have many more posts on the Exhibit 2 4G, than this forum,  and complaints about this phone are pretty rare, compared to other smart phones. Everytime someone gets on this forum and talks about something that there phone does, you immediately have to go on your rant about how the phone is a piece of junk, customer services says it is not good, you are persecuted by T-mobile and Samsung,  blah, blah blah.......!!!!!! Give it a friggin rest. Probably the CS folks are tired of listening to you and wish you would just go away.  


                      Either get a new phone, or put a lid on it. It's really getting old!!!! I think most folks that are reading this forum realize that you are probably just a Troll at this point.

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                        I told this user the exact same thing awhile back, captainbob. The ranting and raving doesn't win you any brownie points and I'm sure Tmo is tired of listening to this sob story. I know I'm sick of reading it and seeing these forums flooded with the same rant over and over.


                        I also agree with you about the lack of complaints. Before I even came to this forum, all the reviews on this phone rocked. The only common complaint was the bloatware issue. It's not unusual to see a few complaints, as people go to forums to troubleshoot and learn more about the phones. Not to make random posts about how wonderful it is. That's what reviews are for.


                        I'm also amused that sajam seems to think an iPhone will solve all their problems. Newsflash, the iPhone fanboys are in large numbers and have been won over by amazing marketing, which is why your friends supposedly think it's so freaking amazing. Android phones do just as much, if not more, than iPhones. To rule out one android phone over an unfortunate experience just shows how narrow minded one is. But hey, whatever floats your boat. I know of people who hate iPhones and love Android. And vice versa. So to preach it like it's gospel based on what your friends said says a lot.


                        As far as it shutting off, mine's done that randomly once in awhile. It's just power cycling though. To do it often, who knows. Maybe it's an app that you have. Maybe not. I'm beginning to wonder if someone were to play around with your phone, they would be able to find the issue. It's hard to do tech support over the phone, especially with someone who has no idea what's going on.

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                          Sajam, yes, the random reset can be completely caused by the RAM filling and having to dump with a system reset. Not normal, but again, you seem to have the worst device on the planet, so I don't put it past it. What is your signal like indoors? (My Account > Quick Tools > Phone Information) There you will see two numbers - Signal Strength and Signal Strength DBM - for the first you want to see 15 or better and the second you want to see -90 or lower (-70 is great!). Let me know what you see...


                          You know what, the Exhibit II has plenty of problems guys... I still think the majority of them are linked to insufficient memory issues. 356MB of RAM is not enough to run a system as heavy as Android and TW on top of it. 512MB should have been the minimum available RAM - and for some reason they chose not to on this one...


                          The guts of the Exhibit II are almost identical to the HTC Evo 4G - which with it's 512MB of RAM rarely lags, shuts down or has any major issues. Notice I said, rarely - but it does happen. The Exhibit II is loaded with problems, most of which require a bit of prevention to avoid, but are not going to be fixed since it is underpowered.


                          1) Daily manual resets will help kill off the 'forced resets' that many experience. When you get up in the morning, just power cycle the device. I don't recommend doing it at night because sometimes we forget to turn them back on... Oops...


                          2) Watching what apps are running (and the size of them) will also help. Running apps like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, QuickOffice Pro, etc... takes up alot of RAM. If you have some that are killers, make sure to set a task killer to shut them down when not in use.


                          3) Don't over-stress the media player. 320kbps songs are not going to play well as it takes 10-15MB to buffer each track at that rate. 192kbps takes less than half of the 320kbps track's buffer space.


                          4) Watch your signal - if you have a room where the phone drops down in the -100 range, keep it out of that room. Even though Wi-Fi calling helps, and Wi-Fi data is grand, the text issues will still creep up without good coverage.


                          Finally, if the thing is really buggy, write down your IMEI number and send the phone back for service and request a different device... See if that solves the problem.

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                            As for signal strength, when at home, I often have 3 or 4 bars but it changes constantly, but in all the years Ive been a Tmobile customer, Ive never experienced dropped calls or any problems with phone calls (or texts until this phone).  Looking at the numbers - not as good - The first number never got to 15 - it was hovering most of the time between 8-11.  The second number likewise wasnt at -70 - it was hovering more in the -90 to -100ish area.  Again, if these #s are important or could be contributing to the ongoing problems, it just baffles me that not a single Tmobile TechSupport rep has ever asked me to check those numbers.


                            With the phone randomly turning off/on - does it make sense to you that when that happens it wouldnt show as a 'device restart' in the MyDevice App.  Thats what puzzled me.  When it freezes and I have to take the battery out, it clearly shows as a 'device restart' but the random turning off/on does not.  I just try to report what I notice.


                            Its funny/ironic that you recommend daily manual resets because i HAVE TO RESET the phone at least ONCE per day because it freezes- and I have to take the battery out, reset the phone and pray it will not start powercycling too much.  So I do that all the time.  (I do think I understand what youre saying because I notice the available RAM in the preloaded app goes way down then - and even by manually killing tasks or using a ATK, it never gets that low otherwise)


                            Again as Ive told you before, I dont use any of the apps you say would use a lot of RAM - and most of the time, Ive actually got the data turned off (and am using wifi) - Ive asked repeatedly if having data turned off could be causing any of these issues and am always told 'it has nothing to do with it'


                            But also waazzupp - Ive tried 2 different IMEI numbers.  Its a long story as to how that happened, but both of them have exhibited (pun intended) the same issues although the power cycling has not been as bad with the second one - It still happens sometimes but it will power cycle 2 or 3 times (10 minutes) versus 10 hours.


                            As for the SMS text issue, it just doesnt seem consistent - sometimes they fail - othertimes they dont...but since it seems that turning packet data off helps get the failed text thru (or changing it to 2G), you might want to get a widget that lets you do that with one touch.  Otherwise, the MyDevice app also lets you do that quickly.


                            As for the name callers, I wont even address them.

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                              If owned a phone that:


                              I hated

                              Everyone told me that it was a piece of **** from the company I got it from

                              I read complaints all over the internet about it never working properly ( and only I seemed to be able to find all these complaints)

                              It was useless and unreliable  to me

                              I had to devote myself to  a 24/7 crusade to try and demonize both T-Mobile, Samsung, Tech support at T-mobile, on this forum : >>>>>>


                              I would take the phone out in my back yard, douse it in lighter fluid and set it on fire and as it burned I would drop a concrete block on it.. Then I would go and buy an  iPhone....


                              But that's just me........ 

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                                Hey sajam!


                                I'm sorry you're having problems with your device restarting.  This is definitely something we're taking seriously and are currently investigating with Samsung into a resolution.  Once an update is available, we'll have a new document created in the Exhibit II documents space.  Waazzupppp also had a very good point about the memory. Since the device has less memory than other models, it's very important to manage the memory on the device to avoid freezing issues. We've also made it easier to find the instructions for using the task manager to free memory or close running programs.


                                Thank you for your patience.


                                - Ian

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                                  Ian, whats frustrating is that Tmobile reps like yourself - on the phone, in writing, and on your Twitter TmobileHelp account have repeatedly told me the device has 'known issues' which include daily screen freezes, power cycling, phone turning on/off & more.  Ive reported these problems since the first week I had the phone (which was sent to me by your own Head of Prepaid Service Mike Katz to make up for previous poor customer service experiences I reported to him) and was told to find another carrier if I wasnt satisfied with the 'resolution' (which never was provided)


                                  After two manufacturer repairs & more factory resets than I can count, the problems never went away.  Yet while you guys keep saying the device has known issues that you're working with Samsung to fix....Samsung reps - including their ECR - say they have no record of any issues. So at a minimum, the communication between Tmobile TechSupport and Samsung TechSupport needs to be improved so that the customer can get a consistent message.  So I dont know if there is actually something wrong with the device or its software (they told me theyve replaced the motherboard and other components) - or if its just a case of a phone that has a week processor and poor memory as waazuuup & others have said.  Everyone has told me this is not typical Android behavior and probably wouldnt be happening with a top-tier handset.  Even one of your own Tech Support people told me he gave up the phone because he was having the exact same problems with screen freezes and power cycling.  He said an ATK might help but the only solution was to get another phone.  (care to swap 2 Exhibit2s for an GS2?)  All I know is how the device functions in my own use - and Ive tried 2 separate devices and every troubleshooting step known to man - and the same problems crop up every time.  (That doesnt even include the SMS failure issue on your 4G network which appears to be a network problem not limited to this specific device).

                                  So its pretty frustrating.   Tmobile keeps saying these are issues that youre trying to resolve but Samsung denies that and most posters on here resort to name calling, bullying and attacking people for supposedly making up problems theyre experiencing (the joys of the internet).  Meanwhile, many of your customers cannot use the services they pay for each month.  These are things  you need to correct if Tmobile is going to stop bleeding customers every quarter...and some of your colleagues have to be better trained in handling these issues versus telling customers to switch carriers when their device isnt working properly.  I wasnt going to post again but just wanted to reply to you as a courtesy.  Ive been with Tmobile as long as Ive had a cell phone but like many current customers have become very disillusioned as I see the huge decline in customer service and see a company that does not resemble the one I joined years ago.  I also see many (not all) employees who dont seem to follow your own CEO's mantra of 'increasing loyalty & reducing churn."



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                                    Most posters? I think you're exaggerating a bit here. The only reason people have "attacked" you is because you keep repeating the same thing over and over. You sound downright rabid about it. Yet again, here you are posting the same story. Again.


                                    I haven't seen anyone get as severe as you say here, but I know that several of us have pointed out your ranting because it's getting old to see all over the boards. You made your point. We get it.


                                    Again, it sucks you got a lemon, but the tirades are what's bugging people. You should probably clarify that in your mind before you go around victimizing yourself. :/

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