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    Sync my HTC Sensation with Microsoft Outlook

      I just bought an HTC Sensation and need to sync up my outlook.  I've searched and googled and read, but am getting conflicting results.


      I've always used Outlook, primarily for my calendar and contacts but also notes, to-do, etc.  I was easily able to sync my Blackberry (and before that, Palm) and I'm learning that this isnt' as straight forward, nor can I get a straight answer!  I can't be the first person to want to do this, and I know its possible, I just need to know HOW! 


      Before I go playing around and mess things up, I just need to know if I can do this w/o buying some 3rd party software, and if not, what is the best and/or cheapest to download.


      And because it seems to matter, I really don't use my Outlook for email anymore since I stopped working and I am not on an exchange server. 


      Thanks in advance!

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          Read about "HTC Sync", start at page 151 of the manual.  It will let you sync Calendar, Contacts and if you want photos, music and documents.  But it cannot do your ToDos.  It also cannot do your notes.  Outlook notes is obsolete, not even Windows Phones will sync Outlook notes. 


          For notes, you may want to consider moving up to MS Onenote.  Microsoft has an app in Android Market that syncs with MS Onenote for free via their cloud service.  Of if you want to sync with OneNote via local WiFi there's Mobilenoter, but that will cost you a $15 on time fee.


          You'll need to find a 3rd party app to use for managing todos and tasks.

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            Darnell, thank you!  I've installed and run HTC Sync, and now my calendar items are all on my phone, so thank you.  My contacts were already there from when I switched from my Blackberry to the new phone.


            However, I did a quick test to see if it kept items in sync and it doesn't seem to, not like I am used to from my Blackberry (and Palm, before that).  I deleted a contact on my phone, ran the sync and its still there in Outlook.  Same thing with Calendar items.  Is it not a 2 way sync?

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              It's a 2 way sync, that works exactly like Palm Sync used to work.  (And just like Winodws Active Sync used to work, although you've probably never used that.)  It's a 2 way sync.


              I would suspect, that the calendar items you have on the phone were not setup as "PC Sync" items.  They probably were setup as "Google" items.  Similar with your contacts.  Unlike with a Palm or Blackberry.  (I've had 4 Palm OS devices [3 Treos and 1 Visor]  and more Blackberries than I care to count.)  With an "HTC" Android device, you can setup a Calendar entry as a "Google" or a "PC Sync" entry.  When you create a new appointment on your Sensation, you see near the top of the screen the words "Google" or "PC Sync".  If you touch that word you have the option to change it upon creation.  You can't change it's type after it has been created.  With Contacts, when you create a new one, it's created under "SIM", or "Google", or "Phone".    HTC Sync will only sync with Calendar items of type "PC Sync" and Contacts of type "Phone".


              So when you make a new phone entry, make sure it's as type "Phone" and when ou make a new Calendar entry make sure it's of type "PC Sync".


              If you want to do cloud based sync, you could continue making contacts and calendar items of type "Google" and use Google's services to sync OTA.  Someone who does cloud based sync could probably best help you with that.  (I'm just not into the "cloud" thing .)