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        May be a stupid question but do I download that file on my pc or from my android?

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          lol its not stupid, ok the root files you need two things. those two things have to be downloaded to your computer. 1) you need the all in one root and 2) the phones drivers or it wount work

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            im at the gym right now but when i get back home add i will give you my skype or email so i can give you the links of the items youu need to download, after tht ill help you thru the process. itsnot hard but it has to be done carefully or you can brick your phone

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              Ok I got that locker installed. Lets see if it did if that stupid thing comes back (when I tried the go locker replacement...tmobiles came back occassionally). Also, do you know how I can disabled the shortcut button at the top left? Thanks for all your help. Have a good work out.

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                i actually talked to customer service today about my sidekick and there is "supposed" to be an update coming out at the end of the month and that should take care of all the problems going on with these stupid phones because according to t-mobile it is a samsung issue. that is why when you call customer service per samsungs request t-mobile is NOT to take back or send out any sidekicks with the same baseband version. HOWEVER, depending on who you talk to and i guess some special account criteria actual tech-support will comp your account to set it up as if you are up for a renewal/ phone upgrade and that way you STILL have to pay for a new phone if you want one, you just don't have to pay a small fortune for one.


                The person i talked to today was very VERY nice about the situation and she was VERY understanding about the situation and did everything she could to right the situation. she was very clear that it IS a SAMSUNG problem and not a t-mobile problem. it seems that all of samsungs phones have been rap lately, maybe i should just go back to an htc phone and stick with what works... or maybe switch probiders all together, that way i wouldn't have to worry about a **** product.


                I hope that helps everyone... i know that some reps do the bare minimum for customers and then there are some that tend to go above and beyond to help the lotal long time customers.



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                  phoenix_rising1004 Oh wow this is good news!!! Because if the update tht the rep from tmobile told you about is android 2.3, developers at xda will make new roms which means this phone is going to be even faster than now more resposnive and even they could port the latest android os ics!!!!!!

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                    hahaha, funny, bad news for sure! this phone can never handle 2.3, it can't even handle the custom 2.2.1, the processor is bad, this phone is bad! t-mobile knows this phone is bad, but refuse to offer a replacement phone for it.

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                      I sure hope it's 2.3! Whatever it is, it'll be coming out literally at the end of the year "lifespan" for support. Which means this will be our last official update for the SK.


                      And @savingout123: This phone is actually very, very good. sure it's not dualcore, but the custom Froyo ROMs on XDA show off what Samsung could have done with it. Even if an official 2.3 update (if it happens) still drains memory, the ROMs the community can make will be awesome.


                      I'm stoked

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                        savingout123 see actually the phome is pretty awesome, I rooted mine overcloxked the cpu to 1.152 ghz and its actually pretty fast. I can play all the games I play on my dual core tablet on this little phone with no lag at all. Also the processor in the sidekick its not that old, it came outlike a year or so ago its fast, the problem here is that is a custom ui from samsung that is **** full of floatware eating your ram and slowing it down. So once they realese gingerbread man this phone is going to be hella fast and we might get the new ics! Have faith on xda guys they are genious

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                          What is "ics"?

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                            Its ice cream sanwich, and its the nick name for android 4.0.

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                              Someone said earlier at the end of the month? Or at the end of the year like you said?  Im kinda confuse but I hope is at the end of the month,that way the developers can get started wifh the gb roms for sk

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