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    Iphone 4s (factory unlocked) help!!

      i recently bought an iphone 4s factory unlocked at the apple store about 2-3 weeks ago. i got it set up to work on tmobile edge and everything. im currently running ios 5.0.1 but i have a few questions and need some help. If anyone knows please answer.


      is it safe to update to ios 5.1 on an factory unlocked iphone 4s? i heard people tell me it will lock me out or whatever but mine is just factory unlocked, its not jailbroken or anything. if it is what excatly would i have to get everything updated and working?


      i also dont have mms working and i dont know to set it up. if anyone knows how to (in a nonjailbroken way) can someone please help me? like what mms settings or apn do i have to do? the guys at tmobile set me up with just these settings


      APN: epc.tmobile.com


      MMS mms://mms.msg.eng.t-mobile.com/mms/wapend


      everything else is blank and thats all have but mms still doesnt work. if anyone knows how, can someone please help me? thanks so much.

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          I have an unlocked iPhone4s and did the 5.1 update last night.  Everything was fine.  I did notice that when I finished, my APN settings (epc.tmobile.com) settings were blank and I had to re-enter them in.  Other than that, it worked like a charm.


          To get MMS fixed, I would suggest looking through this




          The section on "non-jailbroken" is what I used, using iBackupBot.  If you follow those instructions, it will work.  I would do it after the 5.1 update.

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            Alright thanks so much, so should i update it over wifi or itunes? And since the network thing goes blank do i just re enter the same one i had before? Or do i put a new one? And thanks for the help on mms ill look into it and see what i can do it? Was it hard by any chance?

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              I also have a factory unlocked Iphone 4s. Tmobile tech support gave me slightly different settings which did enable MMS, however I had trouble with SMS texting after and therefore ended up disabling MMS. You might want to try those settings first to see if you have better luck as it doesn't involve a backup, etc.


              Also, does anyone know how much ibackupbot costs? I noticed a free 7 day trial, but didn't see any price after that. Thanks.


              As far as your concern about upgrading software versions, no problem with a factory unlocked IPhone. I'm just holding back until I get more feedback regarding how the upgrade affects battery life, etc.


              Settings here:  http://support.t-mobile.com/thread/22104?tstart=0)

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                I think this may answer your question.  You can also call them for additional info.

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                  Ok thanks alot, this really helped, i did indeed update and it did work like a charm, battery life did indeed improve and everything was left the same, i message facetime etc all works. I just had to renter my apn settings and all that.


                  About the mms, thanks ill probably give that a try if not ill just do what the common way everyones suggesting and thats ibackupbot.

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                    I'm glad it worked for you.


                    The SMS thing is what everyone complains about.  If someone tries to send you a picture message, you'll get this goofy message that says something about the attachment being too big.  Plain old text messages work just fine.  It's the one with pictures that will cause problems.  Instead of the picture, you'll get this message saying the attachment is too big ot something.  If you do the iBackupBot thing, it will fix that and your normal texts will work too.


                    iBackupBot is free.  Just do a google search on it and you'll find it. Do what that message says and it will work.  Then have someone send you a picture and send a normal text. You shoudl get both.


                    Now, IF TMOBILE WILL JUST GET 3G WORKING ON 1900 MHZ IN THE DALLAS AREA I WOULD BE THRILLED (or actually my wife would be, since I use a Blackberry).

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                      me too. thanks man


                      and yeaa i didint know the mms till now. i even asked the guy at tmobile to help me and said he didnt know either, so i just left it be.i even tried sending a mms through the camera app and the person wouldnt get it. i just find it funny how i can send mms through imessage though.


                      and alright i will. im looking at it as we speak actually. the instructions seem kinda complicated. do u by any chance know how to do it? does your wife have mms fully working on her iphone 4s?


                      and yea me 2. i just 3g and ill be using the iphone forever lol. funny thing is during the update i got the option to turn on 3g in the network settings. i did but it just stays on edge. its kinda weird how it seemed faster when with the wifi turned off. felt like it was actually 3g. i kinda got excited but then realized it actually wasnt. should i keep it on or off?