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no sound in calls

I have an LG Optimus T, and just yesterday it decided to stop letting me hear anything when I'm in a call.

When I call a number, I don't hear the ringing tone, and it automatically disconnects.

When I receive a call, silence.

When I call my voicemail, silence.

The phone still logs the call as having occurred, counts the minutes, etc. etc.--but it's just dead air as far as I'm concerned.

Is anyone else having this problem?

What's going on, and how do I fix it? I'm going to be a very unhappy customer if I have to pay for a replacement.

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    Sending sound through the headset still works, which is quite disturbing considering that my headset was not connected to the phone at all during the initial observation of this problem.

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    Hey dgodoy!


    That definitely sounds like a confusing problem.  Have you checked in the earpiece to ensure there is no debris inside?  If the device thinks the headset is plugged in, you won't get any audio from the device speaker.  It's also possible the device has a software glitch, I'd recommend trying a master reset to reload the software.


    Let us know what happens!


    - Ian

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    i actually looked in the earpiece a couple days ago and there seems to be a bit of metal soldered in there somehow. not sure if this is because tmobile/asurion send refurbished rather than new phones [i've heard that's the case] or just because lg doesn't understand what quality control is.


    got new headset to replace the one i was using, thinking that might be part of the problem. the mic and call button don't work, presumably due to that random bit of metal. this is definitely a hardware issue.


    i'd file a claim, but i'm already on my second replacement. in other words, i've spent more money replacing this phone than i did buying it in the first place, and i really don't want to spend $40 more for another iteration of it, especially since this time it was defective.


    is there any way i can just buy a different phone instead?

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    As long as there isn't any physical or liquid damage, T-Mobile would process this under the manufacturer's warranty rather than the insurance company.  Also, having solder in the device is completely normal.  Were you able to try the master reset to rule out any software glitches? 


    You can get upgrade pricing at any time by logging into your My T-Mobile website.