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I am having a problem with my keyboard when sending text messages only. I cannot use the e, s, z, 3, @, _, £, {, or :). This really sucks. If anyone knowshow to fix this please, PLEASE help! I've only had my phone for a little over a week.

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    Do you have an aAmaze 4g?  If the onscreen keyboard isn't working, you might need a reset or it could be a hardware issue, talk with Customer Service.  If your talking about a physical keyboard, the Amaze doesn't have one, so you may need to post in the forum that corresponds to your device.

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    Yes, I have an Amaze 4G.  And yes I was talking about the onscreen keyboard. Sorry for the confusion with my tag. The only time it doesn't work is when I am sending text messages, and it is only 3 keys that will not work. But all the functions on those same 3 keys will not work either.

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    OK, so what you're saying is that the only time the on screen keys don't work is when texting.  Are you using the default texting app?  Are you using the default keyboard?  If you have you installed another app for texting or a different keyboard, it sounds like a software issue.  If the keyboard works right in other places (browser, other apps), there might be a compatibility issue. If you are using the default apps, then definitely call customer service as what your describing sounds like something is not behaving.  If your not using the default apps, see if switching the keyboard or texting app back to default fixes the issue before calling Cust. Serv..

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    Hey lovinlife431!


    You can also use the Clear cache and clear data in any application - Android to reset the keyboard settings.


    Let us know what happens!


    - Ian